ACM 285: Apple’s iPod Lawsuit Victory and Tag Heuer’s Smart Watch Plans

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The jury in the class action lawsuit claiming Apple violated antitrust rules to unfairly keep competitors out of the mobile device music market shot down the plaintiff's claims, and Jeff and Bryan are pretty pleased with the ruling. They also have plenty to say about Apple's ebook antitrust appeal and Tag Heuer's planned move into the smartwatch market.

ACM 285: Apple’s iPod Lawsuit Victory and Tag Heuer’s Smart Watch Plans

Dec. 17, 2014 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)

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Excellent discussion of Apple’s appeal of the Judge Cote verdict.  Two things Jeff or Bryan raised:

1.  Judge Cote just ignored Any testimony Apple raised to support a ‘rule of reason’ legal theory.  She didn’t even try to refute it, at best she said Eddie Cue ‘wasn’t credible’.  That’s how you dodge an argument when you don’t understand what the other person is saying and you’re too embarrassed to admit it.

2.  You put chances of raising to SCOTUS if Apple wins as 70 to 90%.  I’d say much lower.  Despite what we might think of the DoJ lawyers who filed and prosecuted this case, I think most DoJ lawyers are plenty smart and I bet quite a few of them are throwing chairs around right now and yelling “Who the f**k decided to pursue this case?”  Might even include the ‘big gun’ they trotted out to argue before the Appeals Court.  I mean if people like us who don’t do this for a living can see how idiotically ill-conceived this case is, what more the real pros?

I still can’t believe that the DoJ sued to restore a monopoly that had been demolished by a new entrant.  And then a federal judge agreed with them.  Quite a rare alignment of planets in Star System Stupid.

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