ACM 298: Apple Streaming TV and Privacy, New Steve Jobs Bio

| Apple Context Machine Podcast

With reports out saying Apple is going to hand over our personal information to networks in exchange for content deals for its rumored streaming TV service, Jeff and Bryan weigh in with their thoughts on what that means. Along with their thoughts on whether or not Apple will give up on protecting customer privacy, they take a look at Apple's new retail marketing tactics for Apple Watch, and the reactions Apple executives are having to a new Steve Jobs biography.

ACM 298: Apple Streaming TV and Privacy, New Steve Jobs Bio

Mar. 18, 2015 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)


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Ferenc Szabó

First, they should think about doing something with the Apple TV device. Compared to the competition it’s becoming obsolete, if it wasn’t already a year ago.


To play devil’s advocate - I believe you mentioned there is a little bit of contention when Apple doesn’t collect data to sell to other companies, but companies that are on the Apple TV (e.g., Netflix) that do.

Is that not the same relationship when we use an iPhone or a MacBook and search using Google?  In that case, Google is continuing to build a dossier on us, the users, but we are using the hardware (Apple) that does not.

Just a thought - keep up the great work!

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