ACM 301: Apple Watch, the Tyranny of Phones, and Photos App

| Apple Context Machine Podcast

The world is going crazy over Apple Watch, and you can't even buy one yet. Jeff and Bryan take a look at the early Apple Watch reviews, and dive into Apple's reasons for making a smartwatch. The also talk about why they're getting an Apple Watch, and speculate on how it's going to fit into the tech world.

ACM 301: Apple Watch, the Tyranny of Phones, and Photos App

Apr. 8, 2015 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)


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Hi guys!

Question about the new OS X Photos app: will it import albums created on your iDevices? To me that’s been the biggest frustration around Photos on iPhone. When I’m away from home & have some time to kill I’ll sometimes work on organizing my new pics … but I can’t add to or modify albums synced from my Mac and albums created on iPhone don’t sync back. Because of this, I’ve (shamefully) become one of ‘those people’ who has an enormous Camera Roll, because I just can’t make myself sit down at iPhoto and re-do all that tedious organizational stuff again. I’ve done the work, I’ve paid my dues, I want it to stick! Please please please tell me that Apple has fixed this … please?

Love you both, don’t forget to feed the interns this week.


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