ACM 163: Apple’s Big Investments & China’s Hackers

| Apple Context Machine Podcast

Reports are pointing to iPad pre-orders starting this week, the long arm of the law is reaching out for Google hackers in China, designing Apple's A4 chip cost a truck load of money, Apple's North Carolina data center is really big, and Steve Jobs won another award at an event he didn't go to.

ACM 163: Apple’s Big Investments & China’s Hackers

Feb. 24, 2010 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)


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Fun show but, Jeff, you blew it, man. Dude, how could you interrupt Bryan’s “Jony” Ive impression? “And we decided to do what no-one’s ever done before with the actual buildings. If you look at Building C over here, you’ll see that it’s actually made from one solid block of aluminium. A perfect [pushes glasses up] melding of form and function.” Bryan, this needs to become a recurring theme in each show!

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