ACM 187: iPad 2 & Xoom, Too

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Apple released the iPad 2 just a few days ago, so this week we’re going to talk about the new tablet, launch day lines, and more. Motorola is hoping to Xoom up and take some tablet market share from Apple, so we just have to talk about that, too.

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ACM 187: iPad 2 & Xoom, Too

Mar. 16, 2011 — Download: MP3 Version (AAC Version Coming Soon)


Jeff's Panorama Pic from the iPad 2 Event

Jeff’s panorama pic taken with with the iPhone app You Gotta See This (US$1.99) that we mention in the show.

We also uploaded a full-size version (2669 x 1063) if you want to see it the way it should be viewed.

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