MGG 474: Tech, Travel and Shopping Tips, Limiting Your Data Usage & More

| Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Dave and John sync up today, first talking about some cool things your two favorite geeks have been using, enhancing your traveling and shopping life – two important things this time of year! Then it's on to your questions with topics including Mavericks and Flash, iPhone battery usage, hard drives that won't mount, and more. Your geeks (and fellow listeners) also share few tips, including a way to use Little Snitch to limit your surprise data usage when traveling, too. Then the tables are turned with a few geek challenges to see if you can help out your fellow MGG listeners. A great show, just download, press play, and enjoy.

MGG 474: Tech, Travel and Shopping Tips, Limiting Your Data Usage & More

Nov. 11, 2013 — Download: MP3 Version or AAC Version


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Suhaylah James

using my travel app by betabookhotels helps with data usage


This has been going on since iTunes since they introduced the home movies category.  I have never had this issue doing music.
So I have MPEG-4 Video files, 960x540 h.264 .m4v
under the movie section in itunes.  These video files were exported from iMove large quality.  If I do a get info, and select option tab and change the media kind from movie to home movie I get the spinning beach and I will have to force quit.  It will also corrupt the videos i had selected to change the media kind.  Luckily I have a back up of these files. 
Not sure why this happens. 


Ok btw, it’s after I click the ok button that this happens.

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