TMO Background Mode: Interview With Cult of Mac's Publisher Leander Kahney

Leader Kahney is the editor and publisher of the website Cult of Mac. He's also famous for a series of books about Apple, including the recent "Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products." We talked about Leander's early career as a newspaper reporter in the UK. Right out of college, Leander got a job with a local newspaper which sent to write about the war in (the former) Yugoslavia. That wasn't for him, and so, via some friends, he moved to San Francisco and started freelancing for tech magazines, and that brought him into the Apple world. Soon, Leander realized the Apple followers were really a kind of cult, and that led to a blog called the Cult of Mac. Fans of Leander's books will want to hear all the details from this lively, personable author.

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