The Mac Observer Launches a New Podcast: Background Mode

The Mac Observer has several legendary podcasts. And now, host John Martellaro has added a fourth, called Background Mode. In this podcast, John will interview notable Apple developers, industry technical professionals, or even other noted authors inside (but occasionally outside) the Apple community. These are all terrific people that both John and the listeners will be delighted to get to know better. It's more than a show about what they do; it's about who they are.


John will introduce listeners to luminaries in the Apple world he’s known for years as well as other fascinating people, one-on-one. Background Mode will be published each Monday afternoon except for holidays.

There are several ways to listen to the podcasts. You can come right here to The Mac Observer on Mondays and play it from the article, just as you do with our other podcasts. You can also subscribe to it from Apple's iOS Podcasts app. Or the terrific Downcast app. Simply search for the string "The Mac Observer's" as shown below.

BGM, as we like to call it, launched just a few weeks ago, and the third show was published on November 9th. Here's a recap.

Show #1. October 26 John interviewed an old friend, the CEO of Marketcircle in Toronto, Alykhan Jetha. Marketcircle is the developer of the Daylight and Billings Pro apps. The interview starts with how A.J. came to be unjustly deported from his home country in Africa. Settling in Toronto, the young A.J. soon realized that he needed to figure out what to do with his life, and Marketcircle was the final result. A.J. talks about the life of a modern day Apple developer.

Show #2. November 2nd John warmed up his interview skills with our own Managing Editor, Jeff Gamet. He wanted to learn more about Jeff's career path and how he came know Dave Hamilton and arrive at his present position at The Mac Observer. Along they way, they reminisced about their favorite Macs from the past. You'll get to know both TMO writers intimately in this interview.

Show #3. November 9th. Back when John was involved with Apple and supercomputers, he got to know one of the heros of the Mac and science community, Dr. Gaurav Khanna, a theoretical astrophysicist with the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Dr. Khanna's use of Macs for scientific computing, especially invoking Apple's parallel processing API of OpenCL as well as his support of Gnu Fortran and tools on the Mac, has made him a luminary in those circles. They get geeky fast about astrophysics and Macs, and you'll love it.

Future guests scheduled for Background Mode include John Chaffee, the founder of BusyMac, John Uppendahl, V.P. of Communications at Parallels, and Ken Case, the CEO of The Omni Group.

John is just getting started here, and has big plans to interview a wide range of guests in the coming months and years. So remember to look for his Background Mode podcast every Monday or become a subscriber.

Finally, if you have feedback, you can send your comments or requests to either [email protected] or directly to [email protected]

We hope you enjoy this new podcast as John introduces us, with his virtual fireside chats, to some very special people in the Apple community.