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BackgroundModeLogo_1600As of September, 2017, I have aired over 100 episodes of my Background Mode podcast. This show has allowed listeners to hear the inspiring success story of many notable people in the tech industry. Here’s an update on the status of the show and a recap of some notable guests that have joined me so far.

The famous mathematician Ken Ono has said that behind every successful person is a great story. And that’s the story my guests tell.  Each week I interview Apple developers, tech industry executives, scientists, researchers, authors usually within the Apple community but sometimes beyond. And we also chat about their views on current tech events. It’s more than a show about what they do; it’s about who they are.

How to Listen to Background Mode

Background Mode is published every Monday afternoon at The Mac Observer. (Or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday.) The shows range from 30 to about 40 minutes long.

There are several ways to listen to Background Mode. You can come right here to The Mac Observer on Mondays and play it from the article, just as you do with our other podcasts. You can also subscribe to it from Apple’s iOS Podcasts app. Or use the terrific Downcast app.

Archive of Previous Shows

If you’ve missed a show, you can access our archive of every previous show.

John Martellaro at the Mic

Notable Guests

Every guest on Background Mode has been phenomenal and has had a terrific story to tell about how they arrived where they are today. Often, it’s the significant influence from a parent, teacher, employer or mentor that set them on their life’s path. Or a special event in their lives. Here’s a sampling of just a few previous guests to whet your appetite for 2017.

Former Apple Executives & Staff: Mike Bombich, Dan Burcaw, Michael Gartenberg (1), Michael Gartenberg (2), Jean-Louis Gassée, Alex Grossman, Dr. Bruce Horn, Jordan HubbardJames Thomson

Developers: Keith BlountKen Case, John Chaffee, Daniel JalkutPaul Kafasis, Liz Marley, Greg Scown, Chuck Shotton, Rich Siegel, Andrew Stone

CEOs and Executives:  Cindy Cohn, Alykhan Jetha, Larry O’ConnorPatrick O’Neil, Nicholas Smith, Rod Roddenberry, Ben Rudolph

Authors & Journalists: Eddie Alterman, Serenity Caldwell, Jacqui Cheng, Kyle ClarkPhilip Elmer DeWitt, Jonny EvansGlenn Fleishman, Lauren Goode, Mark GurmanLeander Kahney, Maria LangerBob LeVitus, Jennifer OuelletteMaryn McKennaJoanna Penn, Ken Ray, Doc SearlsJason Snell, Stephanie StricklenChristina Warren

Astrophysicists:  Dr. David Brin, Dr. Kelly Holley-BockelmannDr. Gaurav Khanna, Dr. Christine Corbett Moran, Dr. Phil PlaitDr. Ethan Siegel

Scientists, Professors, Researchers:  Dr. John GustafsonDr. Joanne Manaster, Dr. Kiki Sanford (1), Dr. Kiki Sanford (2), Dr. Joel Sercel, Dr. Chris Soghoian, Dr. Alan Stern.

I’m just getting started, and I have big plans to interview some awesome guests in the future.  So remember to look for my Background Mode podcast every Monday and become a subscriber.

If you have feedback or a guest suggestion, you can send your comments or requests to either  or directly to

I hope you’re enjoying the newest podcast in the TMO family as my virtual fireside chats introduce you to some very special people in the Apple community and beyond.

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  1. ggodwin

    I listen almost every week, and I really appreciate the show, John. Glad to hear you’re planning to keep doing it. I look forward to hearing what’s coming down the pipeline!

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