TMO Background Mode Interview with GraphicConverter Creator Thorsten Lemke

Thorsten Lemke is the founder of Lemke Software and the creator of the Mac app called GraphicConverter. This app is now used by over 1.5 million customers worldwide. I asked Thorsten about his early years when he was learning Pascal and BASIC on his Commodore C64 and later Atari ST. Thorsten wasn’t sure what he wanted to pursue in high school, but he knew it would be technical. Then, around 1992, with his new Mac, he had a need to convert photos and clipart between file formats. After a lot of file format research, the simple GraphicConverter app on Mac OS 7 was born as shareware. Little did Thorsten know at the time how this Mac app would grow into a major application today. Thorsten tells the amazing story of his career as an Apple developer.

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Thorsten Lemke on Background Mode.

My Background Mode interview with Thorsten Lemke

_______________________ [caption id="attachment_28358" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Thorsten Lemke on Background Mode. Thorsten in the office.[/caption]

2 thoughts on “TMO Background Mode Interview with GraphicConverter Creator Thorsten Lemke

  • Graphic Converter is a wonderful application that I have used for many years (since just about the very beginning). Thorsten provides first-class support and regularly updates GC. Superb value for money.

  • Great interview John. So nice to hear the voice behind one of my most used Mac apps. I have also been a decades long user of GraphicConverter. It is the final app I use to edit my astrophotography images. Thorsten’s support over the years has been awesome. When I asked him to consider adding a “crosshair” tool for marking objects in my astrophotography images he immediately took that up and it has become a key feature I use frequently. Thanks Thorsten!

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