TMO Background Mode: Interview With iMore's Managing Editor Serenity Caldwell

Serenity Caldwell is the Managing Editor at iMore, a site that covers everything Apple. We opened the show with a chat about Apple and the professional market and then backtracked a bit to Serenity's career and her obsession with Apple at an early age. Even as a toddler, she began using her faither's Macintosh Plus and MacPaint. Later, having grown up in an technical household, Serenity started out wanting to be a novelist. That led to a life in theater and production. When that came to an unexpected end, Serenity was faced with a critical, risky career decision that changed her life. How she built on her experiences, serendipitously met Jason Snell and started writing for Macworld (and now iMore) is a delightful story full of twists and turns.

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