TMO Background Mode: Interview With Symply Co-founder and President Alex Grossman

Alex Grossman is the co-founder and president of Symply, Inc. His new company makes high-performance storage devices for content creators. I asked Alex about his start in storage technology, and it goes back to his EE degree in college and his first job with the Digital Equipment Corp (DEC). Early on, he developed a passion to build great hardware and understand how data got stored. Years later, Alex ended up at Apple focusing on the small and medium business needs for easy to manage mass storage. He tells a great story about Apple giving him the go ahead to change the world with Xserve RAID. Today, Alex carries his years of experience with elegant, easy to manage storage into his new company, Symply, Inc. Alex told me one amazing story after another.

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One thought on “TMO Background Mode: Interview With Symply Co-founder and President Alex Grossman

  • John – I am a regular listener of your podcast and really enjoy it. I was also very interested in this particular episode, but after listening to it last night on my way home from work I have to say that this was absolutely the worst episode of not your podcast..

    Why? Between the incredibly poor quality of the Skype(?) connection your guest was using and the fact that you two spent about a 3rd of the show talking over each other, it was (literally and figuratively) painful to listen to.

    I’m sorry, but after listening to that yourself you should’ve realized how bad it was and either just skipped publishing it or gone back and redone the whole thing.

    Again, TMO BackGround Mode is one of my favorite podcasts, so I don’t mean to be too harsh, but this episode was a mistake.

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