TMO Background Mode Interview with Science Historian Dr. Matthew Stanley

Dr. Matt Stanley is a teacher and researcher in the history and philosophy of science. He holds degrees in astronomy, religion, physics, and the history of science and is interested in the connections between science and the wider culture. His Ph.D. is from Harvard in the history of science, and he is currently a professor at New York University.

We chatted about how Matt came to be immersed in physics as well as the history of science and religion. He found that a proper modern perpective depends on an understanding of how science evolved throughout history. We also briefly touched on how science and religion don’t really contradict each other. Matt told me about a very interesting class he teaches, his podcast “What the If,” and his new book EINSTEIN’S WAR: How Relativity Conquered the World.

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Show Notes

My Background Mode interview with Dr. Matthew Stanley


One thought on “TMO Background Mode Interview with Science Historian Dr. Matthew Stanley

  • Hi John,

    Wow – I personally found this to be one of the best episodes of Background Mode ever. Thank you to both you and Matt for a fascinating discussion of some truly interesting topics.

    It was especially refreshing since your previous episode was with Kelly (again) talking about TV shows (again) and I deleted it without listening (again).

    Take care…

    Old UNIX Guy

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