And We're Back... The Mac Observer Show Promo

The Mac Observer Show is coming your way! Hosted by Ken Ray, it’s a different thing than we’ve done before. Not day-to-day news this time. The Mac Observer Show looks at a range of topics with a range of guests. Silicon Valley insiders, experts in various parts of Apple’s business, people knowledgable in other parts of tech… We’re talking AI and foldable iPhones and accessibility and Apple Retail and Apple Vision Pro and so much more. 

The Mac Observer Show – every Friday on YouTube, wherever you get podcasts and of course – 

Ads on Apple TV+ and the Joe and Jobs A.I. Show - TMO Daily Observations 2022-10-13

There is talk again/still that Apple may try an ad-supported tier for Apple TV+. TMO writer Nick deCourville tells us why people think so and what such a thing might look like. Also – Joe Rogan interviewed Steve Jobs this week, except – obviously – no he did not. Sure sounds like it though… Nick and Ken talk about that creepy, creepy conversation.

Keyboards, Audio, and More! – Mac Geek Gab 902

What’s more delicious than the sound of your fingers typing on a chunky mechanical keyboard? Hi-res audio coming out of your AirPods, of course! Good news: in today’s episode your two favorite geeks give you both! That’s not all, though. John and Dave talk through more Quick Tips and Cool Stuff Found than you can shake a stick at, and even answer your questions, too. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

Trapped In The Terminal — Mac Geek Gab 901

This week John and Dave find themselves trapped in the Terminal. Will your two favorite geeks escape? Press play to find out as they dig through a few Terminal commands, new and old, invoke some Shortcuts, talk about self-service repairs, empty the Trash, solve a draining battery, and more! You’re guaranteed to learn five new things or your money back!

Programmer, Author, Podcaster Rosemary Orchard - TMO BGM Interview

Rosemary Orchard describes herself as a geek, nerd, and programmer. She works full time as a developer of web applications, but her real loves are automation and productivity. She’s also a book author and podcaster.

Rosemary told me the story about how she started with computers and programming. After a bad experience with a Toshiba notebook and Windows Vista, she bought a MacBook Air for her university work—and loved it. At this point, she was still pursing human languages, but in time gravitated towards, instead, creating computer software that would make peoples lives easier. And she never looked back. We talked about her Web app development, her books (one on Shortcuts) and finished with how she learned to podcast. Today she does two. You’ll enjoy hearing how Rosemary’s career has developed.