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Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun come together weekly to answer your questions and discuss things of interest to Apple and Mac geeks, yet present them in a way that's both entertaining and informative for the average listener.

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  1. Sep. 21st, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    iOS 14 Quick Tips and More — Mac Geek Gab 834

    We've got first-run Quick Tips for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 for you right here. You know those things that surprise and delight your friends when they see you do them? That's what Quick Tips are! Come and learn at least five new things as John and Dave talk through Quick Tips plus answer your questions about everything Mac, Apple, iPhone, and more. Press play and enjoy hanging out with your two favorite geeks!

  2. Sep. 14th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Network Speed Dissection, Cool Stuff Found, and More — Mac Geek Gab 833

    Having a solid connection to your network is only part of it. The other part? Speed! Dissecting the differences between these two — and teaching you how to do the same — are your two favorite geeks: John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton. Of course, that's just one of the many things covered in this week's episode. Lots more tips, questions answered, and Cool Stuff Found shared. Press play and learn those five new things, alright?

  3. Sep. 7th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Packing Your Geeky Go Bag — Mac Geek Gab 832

    What's in your Geeky Go Bag? Whether you're heading to work remotely, or take a plane trip, or head to the hospital, or just work outside at a coffee shop, what do you bring with you? John and Dave talk through their thought-processes here as they assemble their own Go Bags, helping you to make sure you have yours together. That's not nearly the tip of the iceberg, though. This episode is chock full of your questions answered, tips shared, and Cool Stuff Found. Press play and learn at least five new things together with the rest of the Mac Geek Gab family!

  4. Aug. 31st, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Networking Fun and Naughty Macs — Mac Geek Gab 831

    It's time to get your geek on, and John and Dave are right there with you. Today your two favorite geeks dig into some networking issues, aiming to solve your problems, and help make sense of them so you understand even if you're not a networking geek!Of course, there's plenty of time left for your Apple/Mac/iPhone questions, too. Press play and enjoy! And send your questions in to [email protected].

  5. Aug. 24th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Where’s The Internet? — Mac Geek Gab 830

    Sometimes you think you're connected to the internet ... but you're not. It happens to John and Dave, too, and they talk through exactly what they've found to help solve it... and why! That's not all, of course... your questions answered, your quick tips, and more. Press play and enjoy learning five new things!

  6. Aug. 17th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Do Attachments Last Forever? — Mac Geek Gab 829

    What happens to Mail attachments in your archive? Have you ever done a three finger drag? How do you manage your trash can? We mean *really* manage it? All these questions — and a lot more — are answered for you this week as Dave and John pour through the mailbag and help you learn at least five new things. Press play and enjoy listening as your two favorite geeks help make it all happen!

  7. Aug. 10th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Audio Tips, Cool Stuff Found, Rural Broadband, and More! — Mac Geek Gab 828

    The summer heat hasn't stopped your two favorite geeks — or you, with your questions — and this week's episode shows all of that and more. You've had a ton of questions about audio devices and podcast management lately, so John and Dave dig into that first to re-open the doors on that conversation. Then it's on to tips and Cool Stuff Found, with a couple of return entries in the latter, including the very, very first Cool Stuff Found to ever have been mentioned! Press play, and enjoy watching (or listening) as you learn five new things.

  8. Aug. 3rd, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Geek Challenges, Quick Tips, and Your Network Questions Answered — Mac Geek Gab 827

    John and Dave take a few deeper dives today to solve your peskier problems... Geek Challenges, we like to call them (though sometimes we call them "Stump the Geeks!"). Listen as your two favorite nerds talk through creatively increasing your broadband speeds, diagnosing those CPU spikes, managing battery life, Wi-Fi issues, and more. Of course, your favorite Quick Tips are here, and maybe even a few more surprises. Press play and watch while you learn five new things!

  9. Jul. 27th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    The Case for The Nuke and Pave — Mac Geek Gab 826

    We all love the convenience of a quick upgrade and Migration Assistant, but those bring along many needles inside the haystack that can linger and leave you with fun things to troubleshoot in the future. The reality is that sometimes the Nuke and Pave is worth it, and John and Dave talk this through. That's not the only segment, though, FAR FROM IT! Cool Stuff Found, Quick Tips, and more and more of your questions are addressed, dissected, and yes, even answered! Press play to learn at least five new things.

  10. Jul. 20th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Repairing iCloud Syncing — Mac Geek Gab 825

    Should you update? That's always the question, isn't it, regardless of whether it's hardware or software or both. This week John and Dave answer your questions about both, specifically when it comes to Apple's offerings. That's not all, of course. Your two favorite geeks roar through a tour of your questions, tips, and Cool Stuff Found, including segments on repairing iCloud syncing, backing up your music the right way, diagnosing CPU spikes, and more. Press play, and enjoy learning at least five new things, all while remaining perfectly socially-distanced!

  11. Jul. 13th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    ICE, ICE, Maybe? — Mac Geek Gab 824

    Is your mail forwarder secure? Are you sure? How about your Internet? These are just two of your dozen-or-so questions that John and Dave tackle this week. It's not just questions, of course. There are Quick Tips, regular tips, Cool Stuff Found, and even some router fun. Press play and enjoy listening to your favorite geeks while learning at least five new things!

  12. Jul. 6th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    An iCloud of Uncertainty — Mac Geek Gab 823

    When iCloud works, it's great. And, for the most part, that's how it is. But just gets plain wonky. Several of you had several questions about that this week, and Dave and John dig in to get you sorted! That's not all, though. Cool Stuff Found, routers, and even some future stuff is all up for discussion when your two favorite geeks get together this week. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

  13. Jun. 29th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Full Disks, Slow Speeds, and Low Batteries — Mac Geek Gab 822

    Your questions haven't stopped, and neither have our answers! How to deal with a full disk? What to do for slow internet speeds? How to best manage your battery? All of these topics are addressed, plus Cool Stuff Found, Quick Tips, and more. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things with John and Dave this week!

  14. Jun. 24th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    WWDC Deep Dive – Mac Geek Gab 821

    Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun share their thoughts and experiences with the new technologies Apple announced at WWDC this week.

  15. Jun. 22nd, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Zooming the Web and Learning Your Ms — Mac Geek Gab 820

    It's hours before WWDC begins, and there's just enough time to get Mac Geek Gab into your hands ahead of the new stuff we're all about to learn. And, with that, we can still learn at least five new things, including how to Zoom (and unzoom) the web, how to encrypt your files, why you might want to change your cable modem password, and what those three Ms mean. Buckle up, press play, and enjoy the ride with John and Dave!

  16. Jun. 15th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Five Catalina Volumes and Foolproof Migration — Mac Geek Gab 819

    Have you ever noticed your Mac tells you Catalina uses up 5 volumes? How about encrypting specific files and folders? And what about that cable modem password...should you change it? These are just a few of the questions answered.This episode is chock full of everything you love: Quick Tips, Cool Stuff Found, and yes, answers to your questions! Send yours in to [email protected], and now press play to listen and learn at least five new things.

  17. Jun. 8th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    The Great Backup Debate — Mac Geek Gab 818

    Do you backup or clone? Which is more important? What do you do first? Ok, let's battle. Well, not really.Lots of Cool Stuff Found in this episode, including a way to turn your iPhone into a webcam for your Mac. Internet upgrade options are popular among the questions that came in this week, so your two favorite geeks have answers.Listen along with John and Dave as they share, answer, postulate, and everyone learns (at least!) five new things.

  18. Jun. 1st, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Backtick is Zoomalicious (in Preview) – Mac Geek Gab 817

    Who knew one key could do THAT? Plus, you can take iPhone pics right from your Mac desktop. Lots of quick tips.And then a quick discussion about tech support in the time of social distancing. We've heard from a few consultants who help John and Dave suss that out.Wi-Fi is always popular, and this week marks a return to some in-depth discussions about various configurations, including expanding your Wi-Fi... and that of your friends and family members. Plus we've got Cool Stuff Found and more. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things with your two favorite geeks!

  19. May. 25th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Drawing, Backing Up, and Being a Screenshot Ninja – Mac Geek Gab 816

    Did you know you could move your screenshot selection window around after you create it? How about rearranging columns in the Finder and having it remember? What about Profiles on your Mac, and how they can be used to hijack your browser?If you listen to this week's Mac Geek Gab with Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun, not only will you know how to do these three things, we guarantee you'll learn at least two more (and probably a lot more than that!). Press play and enjoy learning all these things with your two favorite geeks.

  20. May. 18th, 2020
    Mac Geek Gab Podcast
    Holy Bidirectional Thunderbolt, Mac-Man! – Mac Geek Gab 815

    Did your Mac stop showing all your spotlight results? Do you have an external rotational drive on your Mac? Do you want to Add the Dark Menubar to your Light-themed Mac?These answers are addressed in the opening Quick Tips segment. Can you imagine what happens when John and Dave, your two favorite geeks, start answering your questions? Good news: you don't have to imagine. Just press play and all will be revealed!