Geeky Reactions to Apple’s Peek Performance Event — Mac Geek Gab 918

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Dave, John, and Pilot Pete come together hot on the heels of Apple’s Peek Performance Event to share their hot-takes with you. Listen as your three favorite geeks’ thoughts about the new hardware evolve before your very ears… what do they think about the new Mac Studio, Studio Display, M1 Ultra, and more? Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

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3 thoughts on “Geeky Reactions to Apple’s Peek Performance Event — Mac Geek Gab 918

  • John, Dave (and Pilot Pete, for goodness sakes!):

    Great immediate reactions and discussion.

    I, for one, had my wallet locked and loaded for a 27” M-powered iMac, and now, dazed and stunned, have vacated the battle field.

    Like Pilot Pete, I want, but do not require, the M1-Ultra Studio fully-kitted for my scientific work, but would seriously have to justify that cost unless I do it out of pocket. A hard sell on the homefront. Like Dave, I too might not only wait for the tear-downs and reviews, but for the refurbs, if I go high-end.

    As I commented on Jeff’s ‘Apple Discontinues…’ piece, I’m not convinced that the 27” iMac is dead; merely in an indeterminate state whose final outcome will be determined by Studio market performance. All of which begs not only patience and observation but adaptation and alternatives. Perhaps I might spring for a higher-end M1 Mini with a relatively inexpensive 4K display for my home office, and let the dust settle on the Pro and Prosumer level Macs.

    In the interim, there is no shortage of choices.

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