TMO Daily Observations 2015-11-09: Steve Jobs Tanks in Theaters, iPad Pro Pre-order Date

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The Steve Jobs movie is doing so poorly that it's being pulled from theaters. Bryan Chaffin and the Maccast's Adam Christianson join Jeff Gamet to offer up their thoughts on the movie and why it tanked. They also have a few things to say about Apple's iPad Pro pre-order announcement form this morning.

TMO Daily Observations 2015-11-09: Steve Jobs Tanks in Theaters, iPad Pro Pre-order Date

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Yes, in spite of tech hyperbole (*cough*ZuckerbergMusk*cough*) the average person doesn’t give two s**** about this stuff, Sillycon Valley (and Holywoood, apparently) are deluded if they believe otherwise. I, for one, would love a straight up, factually accurate *documentary* about Jobs and Apple..


I haven’t seen the Steve Jobs movie yet, but I am interested in it.  However, to me it isn’t something I would travel to the movie theater to see; it is more of a rental or Netflix viewing.  I agree with Jamie, I would much rather have a Ken Burns documentary about Jobs.

I am one of the lucky people who pre-ordered the new Apple TV the moment it could be pre-ordered, did not get it when it was released in stores that Friday, but it actually arrived the following Tuesday evening.  Just overall totally ridiculous, why both pre-ordering?

Alternatively, what if the Apple TV preorder mess up was one of their zen moves?  I keep hearing from the Apple-is-doomed mouth breathers that no lines on release days means Apple is going to fall into the sea (Atlantis style).  What if Apple intentionally did the Apple TV pre-order botch, so that when the iPad Pro is released we all flock to the Apple Stores to form long lines not wanting to repeat the Apple TV situation.  Consumer behavioral training at its finest.

I am excited about the iPad Pro, it is basically what I have always wanted the iPad to be. After the Apple TV pre-order debacle, I seriously doubt I will pre-order the iPad Pro.  Also, $99 for the pencil, and $169 for the smart keyboard cover is pushing the price of the iPad Pro into Macbook Air territory.  I think I am going to wait to see this in person, particularly I want to try the smart keyboard before getting that item. I will definitely get the pencil.  I am also hoping that Costco will stock the iPad Pro since they have the other iPad models.

Also, I was digging through Apple’s site for the Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro and noticed a few things.  First, unlike the Apple Pencil you do not have to charge the Smart Keyboard, ever. Second, if you use the Smart Keyboard you cannot have another case on the iPad Pro at the same time.  If the iPad Pro has one of the silicon or leather cases, it has to be removed before you can connect it to the Smart Keyboard.  Small details I know, I just thought I would mention them in case someone didn’t know about it.

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