Ballistic’s HC Case For iPhone Is Dual Purpose Rugged

Ballistic makes heavy duty cases for iPhones and other types of communication devices, and they offer different degrees of protection in different styles. I recently reviewed the Ballistic SG case which provides plenty of protection for the ever day user, but this HC case goes several steps beyond that, providing protection for drops, scratches, and every day use in hard environments such as construction sites.

The primary advantage of the HC case is that you can choose to dress your phone to the max when needed, or you can dress it down to fit in your pocket.

HC Case front view in hot pink/black

HC Case back view in red/black

The HC is available in six color combinations, hot pink/black, red/black, gray/black, black, white/black, gray/white. The MSRP is US$49.99 but I found it on several sites on the Internet starting at half that price in limited color options.

The case has a built in screen protector, a shock absorbent polymer layer, a hard polycarbonate layer, a soft, thick shock absorbent polymer layer, and the optional outer layer of silicone. Button and port covers are built into the case, and speakers are covered with water resistant mesh. It is compatible with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint iPhone 4/4S. There is a one year limited warranty against defects.

HC Case -3

HC Case - all layers in black

Using the product 

This is a versatile case which I think is unusual for the heavy duty style of iPhone case. You can put on the snap-locked basic case which includes the screen cover and all the port protection, and it will fit in most pockets. You have good protection if you are not hunting bears or hauling logs. 

When you are hunting bears or hauling logs you can add the two outer layers, the soft, thick polymer layer and the hard outer layer of silicone. The outside layer also snap-locks in place and includes a very durable belt clamp.

The case is easy to use and easy to switch between the two options. The following photos demonstrate what I am discussing.

HC Case without outer two layers


HC Case - outer two layers

I tested this case in a most unusual way. I left my iPhone, in the full case, on my bed when my door bell rang. My cat, who has her claws, was also on the bed. It is, after all, her throne. My phone was on vibrate and when a call came through it startled her. She knocked the phone off the bed, across the room and then jumped to the floor and began “playing” with it. She had a good five minutes with it before I was able to rescue it. There was no damage.

Do I recommend it?

I do. For those who need extra protection this is a very good option. You can go from the work day to evening activities by simply removing the extra protection should you wish to do so. I also feel it is a very well made and well designed product.

Product: HC iPhone 4/4s Case

Company: Ballistic

List Price: US$49.99



Well made, versitle case provides heavy duty protection for iPhones.


None noted.