Casellet: iPhone 4S Case and Wallet Combined

The Casellet is an iPhone case integrated with a wallet that can conceal a small amount of cash or credit cards. It’s perfect for those occasions when you need your iPhone (4 or 4S) but don’t want to carry a wallet or purse.


Photo by the author

The polycarbonate case has two chambers. One side is a clip on case that securely snaps on to the Phone. The other chamber conceals a small compartment that opens with a push button. Th chamber has a clip that can securely hold a modest combination of cash and credit cards. All told, the case is just 0.7 inch (18 mm) thick, according to the developer. (I measured 20 mm even.) At that thickness, it even fits nicely in my Keynamics iPhone stand.


All controls and ports remain accessible because the case snaps on only on the corners. The developer strongly recommends opening the cover before inserting the iPhone. That allows the case to flex slightly making it easier to take the iPhone out or put it in.


All controls and ports accessible (Photo by the author)

I tried using some considerable twisting force on the hinge, and it didn’t even begin to fail.

Because the storage chamber is on the back of the iPhone, the iPhone’s camera is recessed. However, I didn’t see that it caused any change in the available field of view of the camera, that is, vignetting. As a bonus, the inside of the aperture, even on the white model, is black in order to serve as a sun shade plus anti-glare for the flash.


Photo by Casellet

The Casellet comes in pink, white and black, and the outside cover is polycarbonate, but with a brushed aluminum look. This doesn’t look as attractive on the white model as, I’m guessing, the black model would be. For that reason, I’d suggest black for the guys.


Awhile back, Nancy Gravely also reviewed an iPhone case with a similar feature and mentioned that it was very handy for a picnic, as I recall, where she didn’t want to take her purse. I can see exactly how this could also apply to the guys: a flying lesson, white water rafting, climbing, or even a party or picnic where it’s just not convenient to take a wallet.

Along those lines, however, there is no belt clip or other way to attach the phone to you. You’ll still need a deep pocket.

Also, considering that the smartphone industry is working hard towards the digital wallet, in the future all you may need is a driver’s license (and maybe not even that) and some cash for parking. So this is a forward looking product.

As a trade off for having the compartment and the need to snap the iPhone into the plastic corners (which are quite sturdy), this case doesn’t provide what one might call ultimate protection. For example, my current case of choice is the OtterBox Commuter. Its dual layer design, the inner soft material absorbs shocks and the outer polycarbonate protects the iPhone’s exterior. One can go much farther in terms of ultimate protection, so this Casellet must be considered a modest case that will provide some protection, but also makes a compromise.

Do I Recommend It?

I do, but with some hesitation. The white case I received can’t be described as gorgeous. The brushed aluminum look seems a bit on the cheap side for the sake of some attempted glamor. And it’s very expensive at US$34.95 — the same as the OtterBox Commuter — but without the handsome looks and protection. However, the overall quality and usability are good, so if you need this kind of case for special occasions, it’ll do the job nicely.

Product: Cassellet

Company: Casellet

List Price: US$34.95



Hidden compartment for cash, credit cards. Anti-glare camera port. Sturdy hinge. Available in black, white and pink. All controls, ports accessible.


Compromises protection for dual purposing. Expensive as iPhone cases go for the level of protection.