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Necessity truly is the mother of invention and Tom Nelson of Austin, TX has invented a way for iPad users to safely hold their iPads in the air with one hand for demo purposes without danger of dropping them and without blocking the screen.  The product is called the Onhand X-Band

Onhand X-Band

I was totally intrigued when I saw this product demonstrated, because I frequently find myself in the position of using my iPad to demonstrate apps for either the iPad itself or apps designed for the iPhone. I also use my iPad to teach others how to get started using an iPad. The fear of dropping my iPad is very real. There is no warranty against user clumsiness. 

Usually companies ask me to review their products. This time I asked. I wanted to see if it worked as well as it seemed to work. For instance if someone with very small hands (like me) could use it as well as someone who has large hands, like the person I saw using it. I also wanted to see if the product really stayed in place throughout a real class session.

The X-Band is composed of 5 mm neoprene with nylon backing on both sides for comfort. The four corner “dog ears” are made of heavy 5 oz chaps leather. They are fastened with heavy-duty stitching and rivets. The rivets are covered so there is nothing to scratch or otherwise mar the iPad.

Using the X-Band

The center part (blue portion) is stretchy so it is easy to attach it. Once in place, it is up to the user to find the most comfortable hand position. The most common options are shown in the following images, but I found it to work best for me to put my hand through the center circle.


X-Band Hand Placement Options

I used it for a 30 minute session with a small group that included demonstrations of several iPad applications. I moved the iPad around a lot as I looked at it to manipulate the various functions and then turned it to show the participants. I never had the feeling that my iPad was in any danger of slipping or falling. At the end of the session the X-Band was as securely in place as it was when I began. The only casualty was my arm from holding up an iPad for half an hour because I’m such a wuss.

The Bottom Line 

The X-Band is a simple, clever product with one function that it does very well. It allows the user to safely hold up an iPad with one hand to visually share the screen contents with others without fear of dropping, leaving the other hand free to work the iPad. At US$19.99 it is a good investment to help protest an investment of several hundred dollars.

The Basics

Product: Onhand X- Band  
Company: TKO Solutions  
Price: $19.99
Available From: Company Web Site
Works With: Apple iPad only
Warranty: None

Product: Onhand X-Band

Company: TKO Solutions

List Price: $19.99



Allows user to safely hold iPad with one hand, leaving other hand free to work iPad while standing. Well made and reasonably priced.



None Noted.

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David Burke

How does an iPad look from the front when used with the X-Band?  Every photo I can find shows it exclusively from the side or the back.  Thanks for the heads-up on a truly intriguing invention!

Nancy Gravley

No part of the front is covered up so you have full screen access.  The corner holders slip over the edges of each corner, but do not reach over any of the screen real estate.


If no part of the front is covered why don’t they show a front view? As far as I’m concerned that is the most important view to consumers.

Nancy Gravley

For those who wish to see a front view - I took a snapshot with my iPhone.  You can see it here. http://www.capmac.org/~nancygravley/X-Band.jpg  Hope that helps some.

Tom Nelson

You’re right, there are not many front shots. You can see one on the web site at X-Band Photos. The shots are primarily from the back as that is the business end of the X-Band.

Tom Nelson
TKO Solutions


This is an awesome idea but I really hope they come up with some new colors/materials because this is UUUGLY.


This is the kind of accessory I’ll get first when I do finally buy an iPad.

Tom Nelson

To computerbandgeek: New color combinations coming soon. Sorry you find it unappealing. I’ll have a black on black “Ninja” version in a week or two.


Wow, that was quick! I look forward to seeing them.


Does the “rivets’ rub on the ipad’s body?

Nancy Gravley

No they don’t.  There is a protective pad between each rivet and the body of the iPad.


Fabulous idea but does it cover the buttons and ports on the corners?

Nancy Gravley

It does cover the lock/unlock button on the top right side - not something you need while doing a presentation.


Actually I wasn’t planning to use it for presentations. I want a secure way to use it while walking around - on the street, in the grocery store, etc.

If buttons or or ports are covered up then it’s not really functional for everyday use. Too bad.

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