Seidio DILEX Pro Case for iPhone 6: Solid Protection, Great Grip

Seidio's DILEX Pro case is an integrated two piece case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. One of its features is a built-in metal kickstand. It can be purchased alone or bundled with a very nice plastic clip-in belt holster.


This case is very much like the OtterBox Symmetry. However, with the DILEX, there are two pieces that can be separated. There is a very soft textured outer casing made of polycarbonate combined with an inner shell made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that provides extra cushioning. The two pieces don't need to be separated to apply the case. The iPhone 6 goes in and comes out easily.

Like many other cases like this, the Sleep and volume buttons are covered. However, unlike some other cases, the buttons are easy to press when this case is on. That affordance seems to take some extra attention to detail to execute in my experience. All the ports on the bottom are left open.

The feel and grip of this case is superior. Not only does it feel like it can absorb a healthy drop or jolt, but the texture of the polycarbonate and TPU casing is very pleasing. Seidio claims that the hexagonal pattern on the inner TPU helps absorb shock. I couldn't evaluate that claim.

The back is soft, has great grip. 

The case itself weighs 1.4 ounces (39.8 grams). The companion clip-in "Pro Holster" weighs 1.82 ounces (51.5 grams). Available colors include Black, Glossed White, Royal Blue, Garnet Red, Violet, Gold, Orchid, Orange, and Electric Blue.

Optional "Pro Holster" with good belt clip.

Using the DILEX

Thanks to the soft texture, yet firmness of the two-piece design, this case feels like one that will provide very good protection. And even though it does come in some nice colors, the actual design appears oriented more towards protection than concessions to fashion. For example, the Apple logo is covered.

I'm not a fan of kickstands because they usually ruin the aesthetics or compromise the integrity of the case, but this kickstand is particularly well done. The metal folds flush, has the Seidio name, so it looks like a handsome metal label, and the iPhone is protected from the metal by the TPU inner shell. All in all, it's the best implementation of a kickstand I've seen.

The kickstand is well designed, looks good, works well.

The front side wraps around generously to protect the iPhone when placed face down.

One thing that concerns me is the how close the Pro Holster's clip comes to the camera aperture if you snap the iPhone 6 face in. (You can have it face either way.) It's a good thing there's a sapphire cover over the camera lens. It could be nothing, but it did concern me that one's fingers and the clip are so close to the optics there.

The good news is that no matter what color you choose, there is a blackened anti-glare ring around the camera port.

The Pro Holster has the essential "U" on the end of the belt clip to make sure it doesn't slide off the belt. The clip rotates every 30 degrees, and the iPhone 6, in the DILEX case, snaps in and unclips very easily. Yet the clip feels secure. The inside surface of the holster has a soft covering, further cushioning the iPhone from jars and bumps. This holster will likely outlive the iPhone.


The packaging I received was just a plain cardboard box that didn't seem designed for retail sale. Inside was a card with a $20 credit for Uber, but I didn't try to cash it in, so I can't report if there are strings attached. An insert explains how to insert and remove the iPhone.

Nothing special about the box. Insert shows how to insert/remove iPhone.


Be forewarned that some of the colors for the iPhone 6 are on back order. Also, the iPhone 6 Plus version is described as "Under Development."

L: Textured polycarbonate outer shell. R: TPU inner cushion.

Final Thoughts

This is a good case for the money. It uses strong but soft materials, has a well designed kickstand, works well with the companion holster and doesn't weigh very much. I did note that it is both less expensive than the OtterBox Symmetry and has a better feel and grip on the back surface. In my experience, however, a soft texture on the back combined with a black color choice will show lint and debris. One of the bright colors is probably a better choice if that's a concern and would brreathe some life into a case that's, otherwise, all business. The kickstand can be a bonus for some and an irritant for purists.

Basically, if you think you might want to go with the belt holster at some future point or need a kickstand, this DILEX is worthy of consideration. It has no serious negatives that I could see. On balance, it rates 4/5.

Product: DILEX Pro case for iPhone 6

Company: Seidio

List Price: US$34.95 (case alone) $54.95 (bundled with Pro Holster)



Good protection, great grip, protects the Sleep and volume buttons, comes in some very nice colors, includes a well-designed kickstand, has anti-glare rings around the camera port, uses two-piece design, compatible with Seidio Pro Holster.


Apple logo covered. Black version can show lint, debris.