Seidio Tetra for iPhone 6: a Rigid, Gorgeous Metal Bumper Case

Recognizing that there are customers who appreciate a precision made bumper, Seidio is now shipping this drop-dead gorgeous two piece bumper, the Tetra Metal Bumper case for iPhone 6. (There is no version for the iPhone 6 Plus.)


If you're a fan of iPhone bumpers, the Seidio case is one to look at. Notable in the design is an inner bumper of soft TPU that protects the iPhone from the outer metal ring and affords some cushioning. The machined aluminum outer ring snaps into place firmly.


According to Seidio:

  • Precision CNC-machined aluminum and shock absorbent TPU provide superior drop and scratch protection
  • Geometrically shaped to safeguard the corners of your device
  • Minimalistic design that is portable and lightweight
  • Easy installation with no tools required
  • Bumper raises the camera away from a flat surface in order to protect your lens

The easy installation part is true. There's a hinged clip on the bottom right side that needs to be loose prior to installation. Then, after the two piece assembly is placed around the iPhone, the clip is snapped shut. It does so with authority. The fit is then perfect because the aluminum outer piece is snug on the iPhone and cushioned by the TPU inside. There is no way this bumper will ever slide off in my opinion.

Top: TPU inner ring. Bottom: outer aluminum ring with clip (bottom right).

Getting it off, however, is a different matter. I couldn't use a fingernail to release the clip and had to use a small jeweler's screwdriver to release it. Plus, the prying procedure has to be done with care lest one scratch the paint off the aluminum.

Close up of clip that secures the aluminum ring.

Using the Tetra

One of the nice things about this case is the use of two materials. Once applied, the outer aluminum, which comes in black, red, gold or silver, provides a real sense of rigidity and strength with a nice metallic feel. This case only weighs 0.74 ounce (21 grams) and adds next to nothing to the iPhone 6's weight of 4.55 ounces (129 grams).

One thing I always check is the ease of the push-through button covers. Unlike some other cases, I found it very easy to press the Sleep and volume buttons. There are strategically raised sections on the corners for extra protection if dropped.

Note extra protection around the four corners.

As mentioned in the features above, this bumper allows the iPhone 6 to lay flat and protects the raised camera lens when laid on its back. The same protection applies when laid face down.

Do I Recommend it?

I do. I am not normally a fan of bumper cases, but this one impressed me. The feel of the aluminum is great, it's beautifully machined and anodized in nice colors, weighs next to nothing, and it has a clever clip that makes sure the two piece assembly is firmly in place until you're ready to remove it. I loved the way the iPhone felt in my hand with this case applied.

Of course, with any bumper case, the back of the iPhone is left unprotected. This kind of case works well when carried only in a pocket or some other form of soft material rather than thrown into a purse or briefcase with other hard objects that might scratch the back of the iPhone.

Product: Tetra Netal Bumper case

Company: Seidio

List Price: US$29.95



Dual materials: TPU and aluminum. Very low weight. Great rigidity and feel, easy push-through to buttons. Unlikely to slip off. Raised edges protect corners.


As with all bumper cases, no protection for the back of the iPhone.