Seidio’s ACTIVE Combo iPhone 5 Case Is Versatile

The new ACTIVE Combo case, just released for the iPhone 5 from Seidio offers a two part case that includes a built-in metal kickstand and a third layer -- a holster that contains a heavy duty clip. Using the case with or without the added holster provides excellent protection.


The first two layers of the case are light weight but provide shock absorbing protection with two interlocking layers that are not bulky. The overall thickness without the holster is 0.09-in (2.2 mm). The primary layer, the one that wraps around the phone is black and made from impact absorbing polymer. The exterior skeleton (metal) holds the case firmly in place around the phone. The skeleton is available in black, white, green, red, purple, and blue. Color swatches are available on the company website. Each skeleton contains a metal kickstand.

The holster is felt-lined with a face-in design. The belt clip is spring loaded and includes a top portion that grabs the case to help hold the case and phone more firmly. It does not touch the face of the phone itself. The belt clip has seven rotating angles.


This case is sturdy in either iteration. The polymer portion is thick enough and flexible enough to prevent damage and it folds over the front just enough to protect the front from a face front fall. The skeleton is what makes the biggest difference because it holds the polymer portion tightly in place so there is no danger of the case coming off the phone if it were dropped. Using the case in this iteration, without the holster, I was able to carry the case in my pocket and felt as if it were perfectly safe. Potential users should note that this case does not come with a screen protector.

Adding the holster, of course, adds another kind of protection. This felt-lined holster is made exclusively for the ACTION case and with the spring loaded clip holding the phone in place, there is no danger of the phone falling out of the holster.

The following image provides a view of the phone in the holster which better demonstrates the holster set up. Note the curved clasp on the end of the clip that keeps it from sliding off a belt.


Side view of ACTIVE Combo

Ease of Removing the iPhone

I have emphasized how tightly the skeleton holds the polymer case in place over the phone, but it does not pose a problem when removing the phone. The user just grasps the skeleton on two sides, pulls and it comes off. The polymer, which is flexible is removed quite easily. Inserting the phone in reverse order is equally easy.

Using the Case

There is a lot to like about using this case. First is the level of protection. For general iPhone 5 use, the case without the holster is well protected. For those who need more rugged protection, or just like to have their phone readily available then the holster provides another level of protection. Incidentally, although the ACTIVE Combo purchase that offers both the case and the holster is the best buy, it is possible to by just the two part case without the holster from the company website

The next thing to admire about this case is the ability to carry it in most pockets. Men’s pockets tend to be deeper than women’s so each person will have to make their own determinations, but for some, it can work.

The last thing I would mention is that it is very attractive. The skeleton adds a touch of color that makes the case stand out. On the other hand, the plain black polymer makes it easy to get a good grip.

Packaging & Warranty

If there is anything that disappoints about the ACTIVE Combo it is the packaging. It is very ordinary and, in my opinion, does not adequately reflect the quality of the product contained therein. There is a one year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

ACTIVE Combo packaging

Do I Recommend it?

I do. I felt very safe carrying my iPhone 5 in this case and I enjoyed the style and features, such as the metal kickstand. It is a good buy for the price, particularly the quality of the spring loaded clip.

Product: Seidio Active Combo case for iPhone 5

Company: Seido

List Price: US$49.95



Well made, sturdy case also includes a holster that may or may not be used as the owner desires.  Case provides good protection for the iPhone 5.


None noted.