The Genius Mini Portable Speaker SP-i150

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The Mini Portable Speaker SP-i150, from Genius, looks like a flying saucer and offers a 360-degree sound field. It has a single on/off switch. Volume is controlled by your portable device. The speaker easily fits in the palm of your hand.

There is a built-in lithium battery that gives up to eight hours of service when fully charged.  The unit includes a single power cable with a 3.5 mm audio plug for your portable device and a USB charging cable on one end, and a mini USB cable on the other for the speaker. The single cable is very efficient. The package also includes a carrying pouch and a multi-language user’s manual.  

The speaker is available in polished black or white. There is a LED indicator light that indicates that the power is on or the unit is charging. It works with any portable device that accepts a 3.5mm audio plug, including iPods, notebooks, MP3/MP4 players, and iPhones.

SP-i150 Mini Portable Speaker

Using The Product

I tested the speaker using a new iPhone 4 and an old 3rd generation iPod Nano. The results I got varied between the two. Music from iPhone was somewhat richer and louder using the speaker. Music was louder using the older Nano, but there was not much change in the quality. I found similar results when testing with audio books downloaded from I can tell you from my testing that I have easily gotten 8 hours use before having to recharge the speaker. When the charge runs out, the speaker simply stops, there is no leading decrease in quality.

The Bottom Line

The SP-i150 Mini Portable Speaker allows the user to (1) listen to music or audio from a portable device containing a 3.5 mm audio plug without wearing headphones, or (2) share the contents of the device with others within a limited range of the speaker. It’s small size makes for easy portability and the 8 hour battery life assures adequate listening time for most occasions. As someone who doesn’t particularly like headphones, I really like this product, particularly when relaxing outside alone where my listening choices will not bother anyone else.

The Basics  

Where To Purchase: Local Retailers
Colors: Polished Black, Polished White
Package Includes: One Speaker, Audio/USB Cable, Pouch, Multi-language User’s Manual


Product: SP-i150 Mini Portable Speakers

Company: Genius

List Price: $24.90



Small, external speaker works with any portable device containing a 3.5mm audio plug. Improves both sound and quality in newer products, improves sound in older products. Eliminates the need for headphones in appropriate settings.



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Lee Dronick

Nancy I looked on their website and couldn’t find the answer. Does it use a male/male 3.5 cable or is it hard wired in?

Lee Dronick

Nancy what I was asking if the cable from the speaker to the iPod/iPhone headphone jack is removable from the speaker. Does the speaker cable look like this with a 3.5 on each end:

Ofttimes these type of devices have a cable fixed to the speaker and if it fails it can be a pain to replace it

Lee Dronick

Thanks for clearing that up for me, we have been emailing. There is a 3.5 plug on one end and mini USB on the other that goes into the speaker.

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