Uniea’s Caj iPad 2 Case Offers Protection With Style

The latest iPad2 case offering from Uniea  is the Caj, a sleek and attractive case available in leather or denim. 

Caj coverBoth versions have a hard back shell, covered in the finish of choice, with a folio cover. The folio cover works the same way that the Smart Cover from Apple works in that it folds back to hold the iPad 2 in landscape position. The primary difference is that the folio cover on the Caj cases is attached to a piece that also wraps around the back of the iPad.  The Apple Smart Cover covers only the face.

Caj case options

The leather style, with an MSRP of US$54.95, is available in white, gray, and brown. The finish is a combination of imitation Leather and Micro Fiber for added durability. Like the Smart Cover, the Caj cover starts and stops your iPad when lifted and closed.

Caj in leather

The denim style, with an MSRP of US$49.95, is available in Jean, red, and green. The folio on this style snaps shut securely, thanks to a magnetic button snap that evokes the look of a broken-in pair of jeans. The folio cover on this style also starts and stops your iPad when lifted and closed.

Caj in denim

Each style weighs approximately 267 grams. The iPad 2 is held in place on each of four corners with small fold over edges.

Using the product 

The inside of the case is soft and will not scratch. The cases, both styles, are attractive. The leather, of course, is sophisticated while the denim has more appeal for casual users. The slimness of the design makes it easy to slip it into a briefcase, backpack, or other similar item and I felt more comfortable using it that way. I did not feel that my iPad2 was particularly protected from harm should it be dropped from a distance.

The folio stand works quite well for landscape viewing, but does not work for vertical. On the other hand, it is very handy having the folio cover always present as an attached part of the case.

Caj used as stand

I tested this case with an iPad 3rd generation and although all the openings line up perfectly, it does not quite fit the new iPad. 

Do I recommend it? 

I do. If you want attractive, ease of use, instant access to a folio cover, and light weight, then this is a case you can consider. Uniea makes good products and you can rely on the workmanship.

Product: Caj iPad 2 case

Company: Uniea

List Price: US$54.95



iPad 2 case has attached folio cover.


None noted.