Safari 5.0.1 Enables Extensions Support [Updated]

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Apple released Safari 5.0.1 on Wednesday, officially enabling third-party extension support in the Web browser application. The update also enables support for Safari Extensions Gallery, available via the Safari menu and at the Apple Web site.

The 5.0.1 update also improved Safari Reader stability, improved scrolling in MobileMe Mail, improved compatibility with specific Web sites, improved JavaScript encryption in 32-bit mode, improved Flash 10.1 compatibility, fixed a problem where Safari wouldn’t launch for Leopard systems that use networked Home directories, and more.

Safari 5.0.1 also includes security patches that fix a flaw where AutoFill could be called without user interaction giving an attacker your personal information, and also address an issue where a maliciously-crafted RSS feed could let an attacker copy files from your computer, and fix several flaws that could lead to application crashes and arbitrary code execution.

The Safari 5.0.1 update is free and available via Apple’s Software Update application.

[Updated with additional information about security patches]

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Extensions are great. I’ve been using one called Reload Button that puts a proper button for Reloading the page in the toolbar where it belongs. I just found one called Shut Up. It lets you hide the comments section of many web sites. There were a couple of sites that I used to frequent but the comments sections have been taken over by nut jobs. (Not TMO, other places.) Shut up lets me hide them so now I can visit these sites without getting sucked into reading comments that just p*ss me off.

One other thing that is new, to me at least. Scrolling has an ‘inertia’ effect. A quick flick and the page will coast for a ways before stopping. I’m assuming that’s new as I never noticed it before.

Lee Dronick

There were a couple of sites that I used to frequent but the comments sections have been taken over by nut jobs.

Spot on! It is getting hard to find a place where the inmates have not taken over the asylum.  I am going to Bing for Shut Up

Lee Dronick

I installed several of them, including Shut Up, that I got at Apple’s extension page. The W3C Validator is interesting, it shows that even “professionally” coded web pages such as Apple have errors. Coda Notes should prove handy.

I wonder how the extensions will affect performance.


Unfortunately Safari 5.0.1 doesn’t appear to fix the problem of ridiculous slowness and pages not loading. Safari 5 works well for lots of people, but for the rest of us it is almost unusably slow. Google “slow safari 5” or “safari 5 hang” for the sad details. ;-(


This new scrolling paradigm takes a bit to get used to

Lee Dronick

This new scrolling paradigm takes a bit to get used to

I am not seeing the new scrolling and I couldn’t find it mentioned on the Safari info page.


Never Mind
Somewhere along the line in Preferences>Trackpad the setting to enable Two Finger Scrolling got set to “With Inertia. That’s a global setting that covers Safari, and regular documents, and even Finder windows. Not sure how that got switched. I may have hit it at some point but I can’t remember the last time I was in there. Anyway it’s unrelated to Safari 5. I just happened to notice it this morning after I got the update.
Carry On.


Yesterday when apple unveiled the magic trackpad they released a software update with drivers for it that also enabled inertial scrolling in most multitouch macbooks.


I think we have a winner.
This morning I installed both the trackpad patch and Safari 5.1 at the same time.
thanks. I was beginning to worry that I was coding in my sleep or something.


Looking forward to trying out some of the extensions.  Installed Scribefire but have not time to try it out. I just hope this Safari update slows down the ‘unexpected quits.’


One nice plugin that is lacking in the extensions gallery is the .safariextz port of ClickToFlash. I’ve been using it for a while and it used to be terrible but seems to be stable at this point:

Lee Dronick

Looking forward to trying out some of the extensions.

I am not ashamed to say I have and use a Facebook account. However, I don’t care for the “games” and such so I found the Better Facebook extension to be very useful. You can have Farmville and “known apps” automatically moved to a new tab so that you don’t see them. Saves a lot of time going through the horrendous procedure to block an app. It has some other nice features as well, if your on Facebook give it a try.

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