Apple launched a new Safari Extensions section on the Mac App Store this week. Currently there are 27 Safari Extensions on the MAS, a mix of free and for-fee Extensions. The original Safari Extensions Gallery website is still available, too, though, where you can find every Extension available. There wasn’t a lot of information released with the Mac App Store addition, and we don’t yet know if Apple plans to move all of them. Safari Extensions add hooks into apps, services, and other features into Apple’s Safari browser. Many are free—especially app companions—while others come with a (small) price tag.

Check It Out: Apple Moves Some Safari Extensions to Mac App Store

Apple Moves Some Safari Extensions to Mac App Store

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  1. Ned

    Some $5 and up extensions that read more like applications. Add Safari to something like the Apple TV and be able to run applications through the browser rather than adding them to the device. I’m with the suspicion, “…or it could be something more.”

  2. jackadoodle

    With Apple, I try to ask where their actions might belong on a greater timeline. For example, somewhere between being a computer company, and an iPhone company… Apple started making iPods and opened a music store (which could later evolve into phones and an app store).

    So if Apple is putting browser extensions in a store… it could very well be nothing more than something they wanted to do for awhile, or it could be something more.

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