Sprint Offers $100 Credit for iPhones From Other Carriers

Sprint iPhone
Sprint announced on Friday a $100 credit if you trade in an iPhone from another carrier and purchase a new iPhone 4S along with a two-year contract. With AT&T and Verizon sunsetting their unlimited plans, Sprint is hoping to capitalize on the fact that it continues to offer unlimited data plans by making it easier for people to switch.

According to the Sprint website, “For a limited time, bring us an iPhone from any carrier and get at least $100 off a new iPhone 4S when you open a new line with Sprint or add a line to your account.” The offer accepts any model of iPhone and will end on July 1st.

With Verizon and AT&T both expected to soon offer shared data plans and tiered pricing, those customers who feel slighted by the change or use large amounts of data will be tempted by this offer from Sprint. Sprint has committed to continuing the unlimited data option when the next iPhone is announced, whether it be an LTE phone or not.

Sprint was the last of the big carriers to sell the iPhone, first getting the device in October 2011. The company considers the unlimited data plans as its major differentiation from the other carriers.

Sprint has had some success in attracting new customer with this strategy in recent quarters, but profitability has lagged due in part due to the high cost of subsidizing iPhone prices. This latest offer seems to be another attempt at the short-term pain, long-term gain strategy that Sprint has been taking with the iPhone.

[Via AppleInsider]