Not Even a Bug Can Remove the “U2” Album from The Music Library

Imagine waking up one day to find out your entire Apple Music library has vanished. That’s exactly what happened to one unlucky user recently. Now, his case was isolated, as there are no widespread reports of music disappearing from the Library at the time of writing this article, but here’s the twist: among the deleted tracks, the only album left was the infamous free U2 album “Songs of Innocence.

This leaves us wondering, can even a bug remove the U2 album?

Interestingly, it’s been over a decade since Apple included the album for free, and some people still haven’t warmed up to it at all. Instead of affection, it remains an annoyance for them.

“That U2 album is like a virus on the phone,” says one user on Reddit. “Yeah, I remember the outrage when it [U2] was forced downloaded onto everyone’s devices,” says another.

Even though losing all your music is a big deal, having that U2 album stay behind was funny. What’s more, many people have been frustrated because they can’t seem to get rid of it. They’ve tried the “Remove” or “Delete from Library” methods, but nothing seems to remove it permanently. As users report, it keeps popping back up like those annoying, unsolicited pop-ups.

The only surefire way to completely remove U2 is to contact Apple Support directly. While you can attempt traditional methods, they’re less likely to work on the U2 album. That’s why reaching out to Apple Support is necessary; they should be able to delete it permanently from your Apple account. The bottom line, is getting rid of U2 can be frustrating because Apple made it challenging to bid goodbye to this free album.

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