Apple Music Trailer for Carpool Karaoke with Jamie Foxx and Corinne Foxx

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Apple has a new trailer out for Carpool Karaoke promoting an upcoming episode with Jamie Foxx and his daughter Corinne Foxx. The trailer feature’s Foreigner’s ripoff of Deep Purple’s “My Woman from Tokyo” “Hot Blooded.” The  theme of this episode is father-daughter clashes over what gets played on the car’s radio, which will surely resonate with lots of folks. Jamie Foxx is a great singer, too. Here’s the trailer.

Apple Commemorates Aretha Franklin's Life with Apple Music Playlists

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The music world lost a pillar with the passing of Aretha Franklin. She was suffering from pancreatic cancer, as did Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. To commemorate her life Apple has several playlists on Apple Music celebrating her powerful contributions to soul, jazz, R&B, blues, and funk. Aretha’s influence crossed musical genres and that won’t likely change even though she’s gone. You can check out her Apple Music playlists in the Music app on your iPhone or iPad, or under the Browse tab in iTunes music section.

Apple Commemorates Aretha Franklin’s Life with Apple Music Playlists

Apple Music Promotes DJ Khaled Song with 'Asahd vs.Khaled: The Negotiation' Short

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Asahd vs. Khaled - The Negotiation

Apple Music has a new short out called Asahd vs.Khaled: The Negotiation. It’s to promote a new release from DJ Khaled (the parent in the short) called No Brainer, which is now streaming on Apple Music. The song is the newest single from DJ Khaled’s March album, Father of Asahd. Asahd would be the child in the short. DJ Khaled is a record producer, performer, and record label exec. He’s also a modern age internet phenomenon whose popularity was greatly enhanced through social media.

Check out the Apple Music Ed Sheeran Documentary Trailer

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Apple Music has an Ed Sheeran documentary coming on August 28th. Mr. Sheeran is one of the biggest stars in music today, and this documentary focuses on the creation and recording of his newest album, ÷ (Apple Music link for ÷ Deluxe). I love behind-the-scenes documentaries for album creation, and this one looks to be good, including concert footage.