Apple Vision ‘Lite’ Will Likely Use Your iPhone’s Computational Powers

Apple is reportedly working on expanding its mixed reality (MR) offerings with two new devices. According to Bloomberg’s latest report, one headset targets budget-conscious users. At the same time, the other focuses on improving the existing high-end Apple Vision Pro.

The more affordable option, N107 (or could it be Apple Vision Lite?), is expected to be lighter and cheaper than the current Apple Vision Pro. This is achieved by making it tethered to an iPhone or Mac for processing power. This removes the need for bulky internal components in the headset itself, giving them a new design and a probable price range of $1,500 to $2,000.

Still quite high if you ask me, but I like the direction Apple is going with this. Suppose it turns out to be as light and compact as a pair of glasses. In that case, it’s going to win over the market, similar to Ray-Ban Meta glasses. The release of the N107 is expected by the end of 2025.

Not only this but if you’re an Apple Vision Pro enthusiast with all its glory, Apple is also developing a next-generation version of the Vision Pro, codenamed N109. This headset is to retain the standalone design but address some of the current model’s shortcomings.

Improvements may include faster processors, likely using the latest M-series chips, and better external cameras for enhanced AR experiences. The N109 is expected to be lighter; the current Vision Pro, the company claims to be about 600-650g or 21.2-22.9 ounces; and more comfortable to wear compared to the Vision Pro. However, we’ll likely have to wait longer for this high-end model, with a projected release date in late 2026.

The N107 could broaden the user base by offering a more accessible entry point, while the N109 is for enthusiasts and professionals seeking a powerful, untethered experience.

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