How to Get Pip-Boy on Your Apple Watch

The Pip-Boy Face on an Apple Watch

If you’re a big fan of the Fallout video game series, why not bring a piece of the post-apocalyptic world to your wrist? With a Pip-Boy face on your Apple Watch, you can step into the role of a wasteland wanderer every time you glance down. You don’t actually have to live through a nuclear fallout to get a thrilling taste of that gritty, retro-futuristic vibe. Let me show you where to find this watch face and how to add it to your device.

How to Add Pip-Boy to Your Apple Watch

While you can get your watch faces from numerous sites, I find that two choices stand out among the rest: Clockology and Facer. Both have downloadable iPhone apps.

1. Clockology

Clockology lets you download Pip-Boy for free, although you can also get a premium plan for more watch face designs. Here’s how to complete this process:

  1. Download the Clockology iOS app.
  2. Search for Pip-Boy, choose whether you want free or premium faces (or both) to appear, and then select the Faces tab.
    Click Select-Pip-Boy-Apple-Watch-Face
  3. Tap Sync when you’ve chosen your preferred option.
    Sync Apple-Watch-From-Clockology
  4. Open the Clockology app on your Apple Watch.
    Open the Clockology App on Your Apple Watch
  5. After opening the app, your new Pip-Boy Apple Watch face should appear.
    The Pip-Boy Watch Face Applied on an Apple Watch

You can keep the Pip-Boy watch face as your screensaver for up to an hour — configure the duration in Return to Clock on your iPhone’s Watch app. Facer, which we’ll discuss below, is a more permanent alternative.

2. Facer

Although you’ll need a premium Facer account to access Pip-Boy watch faces, they’ll stay as your device screensaver for as long as you want. You can also access Facer designs from the Watch app, plus you’ll get a discounted rate on your first month.

Follow these instructions to get your watch face from Facer:

  1. Download the Facer iOS app.
  2. Select Get Started on the startup screen.
    Opening Facer Get Started Page
  3. Choose your Apple Watch model. I own an Apple Watch SE, so that’s what I will choose here.
    Choose Apple Watch Model in the Facer iOS app
  4. On the next page, pick a monthly pass. Your pricing options will appear in your native currency.
    Facer Premium Pricing on iOS App
  5. Select Explore and search for Pip-Boy. Then, hit the magnifying glass icon.
    Look for Pip-Boy in the Facer app
  6. Pick the watch face that suits your device.
  7. Select the icon with the arrow and watch.
    Add Pip-Boy Watch Face in Facer
  8. Allow the watch face to access your Health app metrics when asked.
    Enable Access to Facer via the Health app

Facer will then redirect you to the Watch app on your iPhone. When it does, complete the process with these steps.

  1. Select Add to My Faces.
    Add Pip-Boy Modular Watch Face in iOS Watch App
  2. Scroll to the end of your Apple Watch faces and choose Pip-Boy.
    Choose the Modular Pip-Boy Watch Face
  3. Check your Apple Watch lock screen to see if everything works as it should. Here’s how my Apple Watch looks:
    An Apple Watch Featuring the Pip-Boy Face

After adding the Pip-Boy watch face, I noticed that the metrics on my screen — such as the temperature — didn’t sync to my current location. Re-opening the Facer app and updating my location settings fixed that problem. Tapping on a complication should also work if you see a message saying, “Refreshing complications.”

Facer Refreshing Apple Watch Face Complications

You can also adjust your widgets and change the color in the Watch app on your iPhone. However, if you use too many configurations, you might accidentally remove Pip-Boy from your lock screen.

Pip-Boy Customization Tools for the Watch App

Personally, Facer is a better alternative if you need something permanent, but Clockology has some cool free (and paid) alternatives. Choose from the list of watch faces available and experiment to see which ones you like the most.

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