O'Grady: New Apple Displays at Macworld

by , 4:00 PM EST, December 13th, 2007

There are good reasons to suspect that Apple will release new displays at Macworld on January 15th, according to Jason O'Grady at ZDNet on Thursday. The most compelling are preparations for HDMI and the fact that Apple's displays were last refreshed in June 2004, an eternity ago in consumer electronics time.

The authors note that Apple has removed the Apple Cinema displays from the front page of their online store. It could be to make room for Christmas specials, but they're not buying it.

"Apple�s new Cinema Displays will most likely feature LED backlighting, an HDMI port, a built-in iSight camera and a new industrial design. If they only come with a glossy finish, look for a boycott and protest�at least from me," Mr. O'Grady wrote.