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TWIST+ World Adapter Duo for MacBook: $32

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TWIST+ World Adapter Duo for MacBook

We have a deal on the TWIST+ World Adapter Duo for MacBook. With this device, you can turn any outlet into a 4-in-1 powerhouse. You can also charge up to 4 devices via the charger, 2 USB ports, and universal AC outlet. It’s $32 through our deal.

Cricut, Rocket Book, and Setapp, with Bob LeVitus - ACM 497

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Apple Context Machine Logo

In this episode, Bob LeVitus tells Bryan Chaffin all about the Cricut. This thing can cut 150 different substances, draw, write, and like I said, even sew. And you can control it from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. They also discuss Rocket Book, which is part reusable paper (you can erase it!) and part app-based service that will scan what you write and draw and convert text with OCR. They cap the show with a look at Setapp and why they think this multi-app service for the Mac is great.

PDF Converter OCR 6 for Mac: $19

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PDF Converter 6 for Mac

We have a deal on  PDF Converter OCR 6 for Mac. This software allows you to make PDFs editable and searchable, while retaining the original layout, graphics, and hyperlinks. You can also scan 27 languages, merge multiple documents, and more. You can get this app for $19 through our deal.

Capture Stunningly Smooth 360° 4K Footage with Insta360 ONE 4K Camera for iPhone: $239.99

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Insta360 ONE 4K Action Camera

Check out today’s deal for the Insta360 ONE 4K Action Camera, a 360 degree camera for your iPhone or iPad. It plugs into your Lightning port, though it can also be controlled via Bluetooth for Android, if that’s your thing. It boosts a 24 megapixel camera, and it supports video up to 4K. The promo video below has a good look at the device, and our deal listing has all the specs and details. It’s $239.99 through us.

Arduino Hacker eBook Bundle: $19.99

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The Make Arduino Hacker Ebook Bundle

We have a big  bundle of ebooks for you on Arduino today from The Make called the Arduino Hacker eBook Bundle. With 15 different titles in the bundle, topics range from getting started to project-specific books, to more advanced topics, too. You can see the full list (with descriptions) in the deal listing. This bundle is $19.99 through our deal.

CES - Yale Assure Lever Lock and EMPowered Smart Lock Support HomeKit

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Two new smartlocks with HomeKit support were announced at CES this week, the Yale Assure Lever Lock  and EMPowered Smart Lock from Emtek and August. All three companies are owned by Swedish conglomerate Assa Abloy, and both will be welcome additions to the HomeKit market. The Yale Assure Lever Lock comes with a keypad and works with a smartphone app, too. Pricing is between $149 and $299. The Emtek lock features that company’s locking mechanism, while the smartlock technology inside is provided by August. A keyed version is priced at $370, while a version with a keypad is priced at $440. The Emtek locks haven’t been added to its website yet.

CES – Yale Assure Lever Lock and EMPowered Smart Lock Support HomeKit

HTC Shows Eye-Tracking Tech in Vive VR Headsets

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HTC Vive VR Headset Promo Shot

HTC showed off a new eye-tracking tech in its Vive VR headset line. Vive is aimed at the VR world, rather than the AR world being targeted by Apple, but AR and VR are kissing cousins, and this is interesting. The idea is simply that the headset can track your eye movements, which can then be used to activate menu and navigation controls. I think Apple is right to focus on AR, but there is obviously a big future in VR, too, and if HTC can bring this to market, it will make them a real player in that space. TheNextWeb has a good writeup from CES on this:

The biggest splashes came in the form of the new Cosmos hardware (an Oculus Go/Quest competitor) and a new eye-tracking system to be debuted in an update to the Vive Pro called “Vive Pro Eye.” Eye-tracking is a big deal for VR. The Vive Pro Eye, according to HTC, will accurately monitor users’ eye movements inside the headset.

Truebill 1-Year Subscription: $19.99

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Truebill on iPhone

We have a deal on Truebill, a budgeting app. Truebill connects to your accounts and gives you a complete picture of your finances. It will help you manage (and cancel) unwanted subscriptions, allow you to view your cash, credit, and investment balances, gives you reports, and more. Our deal is for a one-year subscription for $19.99. There’s a three-year option on the deal listing, too.

CES - Mophie Announces Juice Pack Access for iPhone X/XS, XS Max, XR

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Mophie announced Juice Pack Access, a new line of wireless-charging battery cases for iPhone X/XS, XS Max, XR, The “Access” in the name refers to access to the Lightning port on your iPhone (for headphones). The case includes a 2,200mAh chargeable battery, and you can QuickCharge the case, too, making the whole thing wireless if you so wish. Combined with your iPhone’s internal battery, the company says you can get up to 25 hours of charge time on the smaller iPhone models, and 31 hours of charge on iPhone XS Max. That’s with a relatively slim footprint, too. It’s priced at $119 and scheduled to ship later in the 1st quarter of 2019.

CES - Toyota Working on Fighter-Jet Inspired Safety Tech for Cars, Wants to Share it

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Toyota Research Institute Lexus autonomous vehicle

I’m not sure what to make of this yet, but it’s super interesting. The Toyota Research Institute—a research arm of the automaker that dabbles in AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and other things—thinks it has a way to use technology from the world of fighter jets to make cars safer, and they’re calling it “Guardian for all.” That’s crazy cool by itself, but TRI says it wants to share it with other automakers. In a crazy-competitive market, that’s unusual, too. That said, it’s not ready for market, and even TRI doesn’t yet have a plan for deploying it. Here’s a description from TechCrunch:

The inspiration was modern-day fighter jets, which use a low-level flight control system to translate the intent of the pilot and keep the aircraft stable and tucked neatly inside a specific safety envelope. TRI calls it blended envelope control, an approach that lets its “Guardian” driver assist system combine and coordinate the skills of the human driver and the vehicle they’re driving.

Apple's Public Billboard at CES: 'What Happens on Your iPhone, Stays on Your iPhone'

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What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone

I heart this so much. There aren’t enough emojis in the world to describe how much I love Apple’s giant message to CES: “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.” It’s on a massive outdoor sign hanging on the side of a ::checks notes:: Marriott…wait, is Apple trolling Marriott, too? Fitting, if so. Whatever, the target is ostensibly Google, Facebook, Amazon, Android, and the myriad of companies whose customers are the product. And that message is being delivered to CES in Las Vegas, a show Apple doesn’t bother to attend. Chris Velazco of Engadget tweeted the first image I could find (below), and Mashable‘s Adam Rosenberg pitched it as, “Apple spent money to publicly troll everyone else’s privacy issues at CES.” Again with the feels, Apple. Thanks for brightening my day.

Hold Your iPhone Like a Camera with Shuttercase: $40.49

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We have a deal on the Shuttercase, a case for your iPhone designed to make it easier to take photographs. It has a physical button for snapping photos, and it has a 3,000mAh battery built into it that is placed to let you hold your iPhone like you’d hold a SLR/DSLR camera. It’s $49.99 through our deal, but coupon code NEWYEAR2019 at checkout takes off 19%, bringing it down to $40.49. I’m linking to the black model designed for iPhone X/XS, but there are white and red options, as well as black model for iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus.

Nimble Eco-Friendly Wireless Dual Charging Pad: $29.93

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Nimble Eco-Friendly Wireless Dual Charging Pad

We have a deal on the Nimble Eco-Friendly Wireless Dual Charging Pad. This wireless charger can charge two devices at once. Plus, for every product sold, Nimble will recycle up to one pound of e-waste by including a disposable pouch to send old or unused electronic devices to the company’s recycling partner at no added cost​. It’s $36.95 through our deal, but coupon code NEWYEAR2019 at checkout saves 19%. That’s $29.93.