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Merry Go Round, a Wireless Charger Plus 6 USB Charging Ports

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Merry Go Round Wireless Charger

We have a deal on the Merry Go Round Wireless Charger, a Qi charger with 6 built-in USB charging ports, too. That makes it a one-stop charging hub for your Apple devices, and you can throw in a couple of Android devices, too, if that’s your jam. It comes in Grey (the company’s spelling) or Black, and is $24.99 through our deal.

Ask Siri to Play the Top Song for Any Date [Update]

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Ask Siri to play the top song from a given date

“A Horse with No Name,” by America was the #1 song on April 3rd, 1972—I know this because I randomly picked that date to test this tip: ask Siri to play the top song from any given date, and you can be as specific as you want. [Updated to note that it requires an Apple Music subscription.]

Scapple: $9.99

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Scapple Screen Shots

We have a deal for you today on Scapple for Mac, mind-mapping software from Literature & Latte, the makers of my favorite writing tool, Scrivener.  It’s designed to help you put all your ideas in one place, then draw logical conclusions about them. You can get it through our deal for $9.99.

iPM 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Pad: $48.99

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iPM 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Pad

We have a deal on the iPM 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charging Pad. You can charge an Apple Watch and two Qi-enabled wireless charging mobile devices like iPhone X and iPhone 8 (or a Qi Android device), all at the same time. It’s $48.99 through our our deal.

Watch Apple's WWDC 2018 Keynote in Full

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Apple has posted its WWDC 2018 keynote in full on YouTube. It includes the wonderful David Attenborough documentary on the migratory habits of the species “developer.” You have to watch it just for that! But there’s much more, too, including new versions of macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. If you didn’t already watch it, we recommend doing so.

Nix Mini Color Sensor: $69

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Nix Mini Color Sensor

We have a deal on the Nix Mini Color Sensor. This device senses color so you can match it to one of 31,000 brand name paint colors. If you’re looking for digital color matching, it will also give you the RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors. The Nix Mini Color Sensor is $69 through us, 30% off retail.

CleanMyMac 3: $27.99

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CleanMyMac 3 on MacBook

We have a deal on one of my favorite Mac utilities: CleanMyMac 3 by MacPaw. This software scans your Mac for junk and unnecessary files, cleans your caches, and routinely recovers GBs of storage on my Mac every week. You can get it for $27.99 through our deal.