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BACtrack Personal Breathalyzer: $59.99

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BACtrack Personal Breathalyzer

We have a deal for you today on the BACtrack Personal Breathalyzer, which the company says is the smallest police-grade alcohol tester ever created. You can see the results on the built-in OLED screen, or you have them sent to your companion app on iPhone or Android. This device is $59.99 through our deal.

CHOETECH 19W Solar Charger: $59.99

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CHOETECH 19W Solar Charger

We have a deal on the CHOETECH 19W Solar Charge. This device puts 19 watts of solar charging power on your back, which is perfect for hiking and other extended outdoor activity. It operates with a conversion rate up to 23-24%, providing enough power to charge 2 devices at once, and it’s $59.99 through our deal.

FODI Origami Multi-Purpose Device Stand: $14.99

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FODI Origami Multi-Purpose Device Stand

Check out today’s deal of the day on FODI, a multipurpose stand that folds into shape like origami. Though thin, it supports 44 pounds when folded into shape, it will also unfold flat if you ever want to move it. It’s $14.99 through our deal.

NordVPN 1-Year Subscription: $60

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NordVPN on MacBook and iPhone

We have a deal on a 1-year subscription to NordVPN. All data sent through NordVPN’s private tunnels is double encrypted (double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption). There are 3,521 servers in 61 countries, you ca connect up to 6 devices, and you get unlimited data. The company has a no-log policy, too, and it will work with Mac, iOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android devices. One year of NordVPN is $60 through us, and there’s a 2-year option available in the deal listing, too.

Parallels Access 1-Year Subscription: $9.99

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Parallels Access

We have a deal on a 1-year subscription to Parallels Access. This software lets you view and control your desktop computer from an iPhone or iPad. And, it allows you to use touch to control everything where you’d normally use a keyboard and mouse or trackpad. You can get a 1-year subscription for $9.99 through our deal.

Linksys Launches Velop Plug-in for Less Expensive Mesh Wi-Fi Extensions

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Linksys announced the Velop Plug-in, a smaller version of its Velop mesh nodes. The idea is to make it less expensive to extend your mesh Wi-Fi network than using all tower nodes, which is how Velop was launched. The Plug-ins can be plugged straight into a wall outlet, and do not have an ethernet port in them. They work in conjunction with at least one tower node. Large homes (or homes full of plaster like mine) can mix and match as needed. A kit with one tower and two Plug-ins is available now at $399 ($399 on Amazon)—the original three tower node kit is still available at $499 (currently $439.95 on Amazon). Later this year, Linksys said it will sell individual Plug-ins for $129 each.

Linksys Launches Velop Plug-in for Less Expensive Mesh Wi-Fi Extensions

Apple's App Stores No Longer Listing All In-App Purchases

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App Store in-app purchases gone

Our good friend Jim Tanous at TekRevue ran an important public service announcement today about the App Store no longer listing all in-app purchases for apps and games. This was always an important tool for consumers wondering just what the heck they were getting into with a so-called “freemium” app. While an app developer can independently list some in-app purchases, there no longer appears to be a “List all” option, on either the App Store or Mac App Store. You can get the details from TekReveu, but this snippet has the gist.

The problem with this new policy is that the nature and prices of in-app purchases vary wildly depending on the developer and type of app or game. Users could previously check out the description and prices of the in-app purchases to determine if they were reasonable before downloading or buying an app. Now, it seems, users must download and launch the app to see the same information. In-app purchase information was already slightly hidden, but still available for those who wanted to see it. Apple’s decision to remove it and rely instead on the developers to optionally provide such data is completely anti-consumer and frankly baffling. We can only hope that user feedback forces the company to restore this feature quickly.

Match Any Surface to an Existing Color with Nix Mini Color Sensor: $58.65

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Nix Mini Color Sensor

We have a deal on the Nix Mini Color Sensor. This device senses color so you can match it to one of 31,000 brand name paint colors. If you’re looking for digital color matching, it will also give you the RGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors. The Nix Mini Color Sensor is $69 through us, but if you use coupon code “BOO15” (without the quotes) at checkout, you’ll save 15%. That brings it down to $58.65.

SetApp Adds Smile Software's PDFpen

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MacPaw added Smile Software’s PDFpen to SetApp on Thursday. SetApp gives you access to more than 100 Mac apps—including several top apps—for $9.99 per month. (There are yearly options and education pricing, too.) It’s a service I love and recommend, too. And PDFpen is a great PDF editor and a solid add for SetApp.

SetApp Adds Smile Software’s PDFpen

Take Smoother Videos with the Rigiet Smartphone Gimbal: $93.49

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Rigiet Smartphone Gimbal

Check out this cool device we’re featuring in our deal of the day, the Rigiet Smartphone Gimbal. It’s a stabilizing video stick that let’s you take smooth videos, even on the go. It features a built-in control panel that lets you quickly zoom and switch between photo/video modes and front/rear camera perspectives. You can also use the Rigiet app for auto tracking, livestreaming, panorama shots, and more. It’s $109.99 through our deal, but coupon code BOO15 will knock 15% off for a price of $93.49.

Ming Chi Kuo Says Apple Working on iPad Mini 5

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A cloudy Apple crystal ball

TF International Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo says Apple is working on an update to iPad Mini, and that loooooooooooooooong-awaited AirPower and updated AirPods could be released sometime in the next 6 months. Those devices may or may not be mentioned at Apple’s October 30th media event in Brooklyn, but new iPad Pro models with USB-C ports will definitely be there. According to Ming Chi Kuo, that is. Juli Clover has details at MacRumors. I’ll believe it all when I see it. Here’s a snippet:

Kuo says that Apple will launch a new version of the iPad mini, which has not seen an update in several years. Kuo says the device will feature an upgraded processor and a lower-cost panel.

Kuo does not know, however, if Apple will announce it during the media event or launch it sometime later in the year/early next year, but if an updated model is in the works, it makes sense for it to launch alongside the iPad Pro .