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Twist Plus World Charging Station: $31.99

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Twist Plus World Charging Station

Check out the Twist Plus World Charging Station. It can plug into any power outlet in the world, and it has four USB ports for charging multiple devices. It also has a adapter on the bottom you can slide your MacBook’s charging brick onto. It’s $31.99 through our deal.

Carpool Karaoke Goes to Westworld with James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood

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Apple Music is taking Carpool Karaoke to Westworld in an episode starring James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood. Apple released a tailer for the next episode, which is set for release on Friday, June 22nd, on Apple Music. I meant that literally, by the by, as this ep goes to the real set of Westworld, complete with loops and that cowboy tradition of a karaoke session with frozen hosts as audience. You know, like they did back on the range.

CleanEmail 1-Year Subscription: $19.99

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CleanEmail Window

We have a deal on a 1-year subscription to CleanEmail. It’s a rules and filter-based email management tool, and the subscription covers up to five email accounts. It works from both a browser and email clients, and encrypts access details and removes data after 24 hours so that CleanEmail never retains access to your information. 1 year is $19.99 through us.

PDF Expert for Mac: $24.99

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PDF Expert 2.2 on Mac, iPhone, and iPad

We have a deal on PDF Expert for Mac from Readdle.  This PDF editor has a nice list of distinctions, including being The 2015 App of the Year in the Mac App Store, Top Paid App in the Mac App Store, Editors’ Choice by Apple, and 4.6 out of 5 stars from 1,1000 ratings on the Mac App Store. The deal is for PDF Expert 2.4.2, the version on Readdle’s website. It’s $24.99 through our deal, 58% off retail.

Parrot Jumping Race Mini Drone: $39.99

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Parrot Jumping Race Mini Drone

We have a deal on the Parrot Jumping Race Mini Drone, and it’s a great deal. This device is controlled through an iPhone app, can do 180 and 360 degree turns, and it can jump, too. Come on, that’s too much fun, and it’s $39.99 through us, 73% off retail.

Lie Down While You Work with the $8,500 Altwork Station

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Let me be clear: I want an Altwork Station. This chair/workstation is designed to let you work from a variety of positions while keeping your keyboard and monitor at proper angles for actual use. It’s all motorized, too, so no unseemly grunting and—gods forbid—sweating when it comes to moving this thing. And, it’s only $8,500. Let me know if you need my shipping address. But come on, it’s cool! Check out the video.

The Pay What You Want 2018 Super Mac Bundle

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The Pay What You Want 2018 Super Mac Bundle

We have a new Pay What You Want deal called the 2018 Super Mac Bundle. The bundle has 10 Mac apps, including a WhiteSmoke Premium subscription, Disk Drill PRO 3, Aurora HDR 2018 Express, MacX DVD Ripper Pro, Yummy FTP Pro 2, and more. Here’s how the deal work. Pay anything, even a penny, and you’ll get two of the apps. Beat the average price (currently $2.28), and you’ll get all 10 apps. If you beat the price leader at any given moment (currently $20), you’ll be entered into a giveaway for a Super NES Classic.

Tim Cook Interview on Bloomberg: Meeting and Working with Steve Jobs, More

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Screenshot from Tim Cook interview on Bloomberg

Tim Cook sat down for an interview with David Rubenstein, Co-Chairman of The Carlyle Group, for Bloomberg. It’s a different kind of interview for Tim Cook, and you can see it in his different demeanor. Part of it is Mr. Rubenstein—he’s an excellent interviewer. But for whatever reason, Mr. Cook is more personable, less tightly-controlled, and he tells a few new anecdotes along the way. He talked about his first meeting with Steve Jobs and why he came to work for Apple. He also talked about Apple Watch, running for president (spoiler: he says he’s not), politics and Apple, giving tech support to Warren Buffett, coming out, and more. I call this a must-watch interview if you’re interested in Apple and Tim Cook.

Charby Sense Charging Cable: $29

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Charby Sense Charging Cable

We have a deal on a Charby Sense Charging Cable. This cable was successfully funded through Indiegogo, and will cut off charging when your iPhone (Android charging cables available, too) is fully charged. It also supports Fast Charging, which iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X support. It’s $29 through our deal, 25% off retail.

A World in Which $158 Billion Netflix May Be Too Small to Get Access to You

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Net Neutrality graffiti on a brick wall

A court granted AT&T the right to acquire Time Warner, which makes sense because the Trump Administration’s blocking of that deal was political, rather than a true issue of antitrust. But when combined with the death of Net Neutrality, which ended Monday, Danny Crichton at TechCrunch had a sobering observation. In a piece arguing the merits of Alphabet and Netflix becoming ISPs (I’d throw Apple on that list), he noted that the world of video is effectively closed to startups. It’s a good read, and here’s a snippet:

One sad note though is how much the world of video is increasingly closed to startups. When companies like Netflix, which today closed with a market cap of almost $158 billion, can’t necessarily get enough negotiating power to ensure that consumers have direct access to them, no startup can ever hope to compete. America may believe in its entrepreneurs, but its competition laws have done nothing to keep the terrain open for them. Those implications are just beginning.