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The CSAM Question No One Is Asking Apple

· John Kheit · Devil's Advocate

Apple's Spying Eye

Why is everyone afraid to ask Apple a simple question? Since Apple contends it is only scanning your iPhone for photos you choose to upload to iCloud, why does Apple need to scan anything on your device? Apple, can scan the photos once they are on its servers. The most obvious possibility is dystopian.

Computer Device Makers Ignore Bit-Flip Errors and Data Corruption

· John Kheit · Devil's Advocate

Binary code with one bit being flipped

Modern devices seem to likely have a bit flipped almost every day, and the problem only gets worse with more memory and smaller fabrication circuits, and John Kheit wants to know why all modern computer and mobile device makers haven’t moved to ECC memory.

The ‘Uncanny Valley’ Mac Pro - Failure on Arrival

· John Kheit · Devil's Advocate

Apple should consider dramatically cutting the price of the new Mac Pro when it announces availability, and it should be releasing a more current update within 12 months to make the Mac Pro competitive.


Mac Pro: All Apologies, Signed Apple Pundits

· John Kheit · Devil's Advocate

Apple’s new Mac Pro is a great machine, but John Kheit argues that it leaves a hole for enthusiasts, and that those enthusiasts are walking away from Apple.

Tim Cook Is a Failure at Operations

· John Kheit · Devil's Advocate

Apple China flag

Operations are supposed to be what Tim Cook does best. Under Steve Jobs he was the Chief Operating Officer at Apple. And while he may have done a great job there, he is a failure at it as CEO.

iPhones Aren't Addictive, They’re Just Useful

· John Kheit · Devil's Advocate

A new meme of complaining to mommy Apple that your iPhone is too addictive is gaining momentum amongst a growing bastion of meek minds hiding their own many failings behind their favorite veil of victimhood.

Will the Cellular Apple Watch Cause Cancer?

· John Kheit · Devil's Advocate

apple watch series 3 lte

John Kheit ponders that if cellular Apple Watches are always left always on, that there is a fair chance at some point people will determine that cellular Apple Watches cause cancer.

Apple Blows Security

· John Kheit · Devil's Advocate

Reaching for Apple Security

John Kheit thinks that Apple is mismanaging security, and that its quality assurance and attention to detail have gone to hell.

The Cloud Is a Lie

· John Kheit · Devil's Advocate

The cloud is a lie.  John Kheit argues that if you believe in the cloud, you’re not only a sucker, you’ve been brainwashed into accepting your lot as a 2nd class digital citizen. According to him, the cloud is a lie because it convinces you of at least two Stockholm syndrome things: (1) you don’t deserve to own or control your own data, and (2) security for your data does not matter.