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iOS Mysteries, Choosing Your Server, & Cool Stuff Found – Mac Geek Gab 739

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iOS is wonderful… and mysterious, especially when it asks you to login, or shows you duplicates of your data. Listen to John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton solve these problems and more for you. Then, should you get a separate Mac as a server, or can you run in the background? And, of course, more Cool Stuff Found just for you. Press play, listen, learn, and enjoy!

Real-World Speeds, Choosing Storage, and Quick Tips – Mac Geek Gab 738

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Real World Speeds and Quick Tips - Mac Geek Gab 738

Ever have a disk drive or Wi-Fi device that doesn’t get quite the advertised speeds? Yeah, so have we. In fact, it happens all the time. Listen this week as John and Dave discuss the differences between advertised maximums and real-world expectations… and how to translate between the two. Of course, that’s not all! More questions and Quick Tips than you can shake a stick at. Press play, download, and enjoy!

Geeky Gift Guide and Your Questions Answered – Mac Geek Gab 737

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737 Cockpit with Mac Geek Gab logo, text: Geeky Gift Guide and Your Questions Answered Mac Geek Gab 737

The best part about geeky gifts is that sometimes the best person to get them for is yourself. Listen to John and Dave – your two favorite geeks – discuss some of their favorites at this point in the holiday buying season, and decide whether you buy one of these now for someone else… or wait until the gifting season wraps up to get one for you!

Mac mini CPU Considerations, Semi-Dark Mode, Photos, and More – Mac Geek Gab 734

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Mac mini CPU Mac Geek Gab 734

New Macs are out! John and Dave answer your questions and talk through the various models, including a dissection of the 2018 Mac mini CPU options as well as the relative merit of the 2018 MacBook Air. Other topics include setting up “semi-Dark Mode” on Mojave, using a Fusion Drive as storage, migrating from iCloud Photos to other options, and more! Press play and enjoy!

Back to School CSF, APFS on Externals, Cable Modems, and Beware iPhone Lint! – Mac Geek Gab 725

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Dust Bunny... made of dust! With text: Beware iPhone Lint, Mac Geek Gab 725

Going back to school often means needing to take things from the digital world and connect them to the analog. Need sound? Need printouts? John F. Braun and Dave Hamilton have some Cool Stuff Found for you! Then it’s on to troubleshooting external disks (including APFS), cable modem advice and what to do with an extra Mac mini. All this and more, just press play!