Working from home may mean selecting a quality, secure, easy-to-use videoconferencing app. Here’s a nifty rundown, with text description and comparison chart, on the major ones from the Freedom of Press Foundation.

Check It Out: 13 Videoconferencing Apps – A Selection Guide

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  1. wab95


    This is a great reference. Many thanks for sharing.

    My observation is that Zoom has become a standard for large meetings, despite the lack of security. The exception is teleconferences with the private sector, particularly if proprietary materials are being discussed, in which case Webex is most common in my experience. I think that the only reason why FaceTime is not used more frequently is that not everyone, particularly those in low and middle income settings, have iPhones; not to mention that it’s been comparatively recent that FaceTime has supported larger teleconferences.

    I am surprised that more IT departments in more institutions do not insist on more security for teleconferencing, given how frequently even in the academic sector, phishing and hacking of faculty accounts and files are frequent occurrences.

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