Google Offers Ballot Information Tailored to You

Google is adding U.S. ballot information to search results in the run up to the presidential election in November. It starts with the ability to search for “who’s on my ballot” in the main Google search engine. Users who do so will be asked to provide the street address where they’ll be voting (i.e. it will be added to Google’s profile on you if that was somehow missing). Google Maps users will be prompted to use their Home address. You’ll then be given all the candidates on your ballot, as well as quick access to information on how to vote in your state and where to vote in your district. In my opinion Google is performing a huge service to the country with this feature. Watch the video for more information.

2 thoughts on “Google Offers Ballot Information Tailored to You

  • So right, Jamie. You really can’t trust places like Google, Facebook, etc. ALL your personal info is up for grabs. I too would at least like a statement (or pledge) that your provided info would stay anonymous.

  • Sorry to be an Eeyore, but it *would* be great if they weren’t simultaneously collecting information. I could take anything Google puts on offer a lot more seriously if anything they did included the explicit assurance that no personal information would be logged, saved, or passed on, particularly for private matters such as this. :/ Again, sorry, but I just don’t trust ’em.

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