A-Shirt Makes Apple-Inspired Shirts for Apple Fans

A-Shirt Makes Apple-Inspired Shirts for Apple Fans

Have you heard of A-Shirt? They produce Apple-inspired T-shirts for fans of the company. They work on a subscription model where you get a new shirt every two months. The shirts are designed by designers all over the world. In the image I included, the white T-shirt with the drawings of the Two Steves is the current shirt being offered. Each shirt is a one-time production, and once they’re shipped, they’re gone. A-shirt even destroys the printing framed. The company also offers members a lot of content about how each shirt is created, the dyes used, the material, etc. You can sign up to get your first shirt for $25, with subsequent shirts at $50. If you commit to longer terms, the price-per-month decreases.

Check It Out: A-Shirt Makes Apple-Inspired Shirts for Apple Fans

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  • Hi There, Cyril here, founder of A-Shirt/X-Shirt and happy to take any question you have. First of all thanks to Bryan for having found us.

    @archimedes trying to be short on my answer 😉

    The concept of X-Shirt is to produce sustainable and fully transparent/traceable t-shirts. Our products are locally made here in Peru with an amazing sourced cotton from fields that are just 100km south of Lima, where the fiber is then brought to a local plant to make the thread and then the fabric. Finally the t-shirts are fully fabricated for us (confection and printing) in workshops where we control not only the quality and finishing but also help the workers to improve their techniques so that they can produce higher quality clothing. We know everyone involved in the conception of the t-shirt (and this is reflected through the QR code that is included in each series which lets you follow the full history of the t-shirt you buy). This is an answer to the fast fashion and mostly unsustainable textile industry that is killing the local market and creating environmental and social issues. Our goal is that our clients can be fully conscious about the product they buy and understand each of the step of the supply chain.

    And so, this is why we push for a subscription model (although you can buy just one t-shirt if you want). Each monthly series is produced only for the quantity of members we have at the moment we start the production, limiting the waste produced and increasing the efficiency of the process while assuring the producers a more steady income.

    @aardman, yes we have roughly 300 members that are subscribed and we currently ship to 25 countries around the world, in the 5 continents.

    Hope those answer help you to better understand the vision we have and I’m happy to answer any question.

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