AirPod Case Styled Like a Classic Mac

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Elago has a rather stylish looking AirPods case that is designed like a classic Apple monitor. It has an anti-slip coating and is made of flexible, impact-resistant silicone material. The case is compatible with Apple AirPods 1 and 2 and supports wireless charging of the Airpods Wireless Charging Case. It costs $13.99

Check It Out: AirPod Case Styled Like a Classic Mac

AirPod Case Styled Like a Classic Mac

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  1. slau

    That’s a Macintosh Plus or earlier, not an SE. An SE with singe drive has its slot lower. Also this one has no grill and does have a wider part at the right side of the disk slot to facilitate grabbing an ejected disk. Anyway the base is missing.

  2. maxglitz

    That wasn’t just a monitor. That was THE WHOLE Mac SE computer with a little floppy drive slot in the front. I know because I had one. Can you imagine the choice of only 1 or 2 MB of RAM and 20 or 40 MB of storage? I still had mine until a few weeks ago, when I parted with it. Non working of course.

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