Former Vice President Al Gore and Apple Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson are teaming up for a climate-focused discussion at Apple’s Union Square store in San Francisco on Wednesday, April 19th. The two will talk about climate optimism, Earth Day initiatives, and more. The event is free, but you need to RSVP to attend. Their discussion starts at 7PM pacific time and odds are it’ll fill up quickly. If you want to attend, head over to Apple’s website and RSVP now.

Check It Out: Al Gore, Lisa Jackson Discussing Climate at San Francisco Apple Store on April 19

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  1. jackadoodle

    Dear Old Unix Guy,

    There’s a wise old saying which says, “you don’t have to be a butcher to smell bad meat.” It means none of us needs a degree in biology to chemistry to sniff a piece of meat, and steer clear of it because it’s not nutritious. That is similar to your message where you say that you “work with hundreds of professional scientists on a daily basis.” I have a hard time thinking of any job where even scientists work with “hundreds” of fellow professional scientists on a daily basis. Therefore, I have used my judgment and decided this is likely a false claim.

    Given that the rest of your message supports global warming based on celebrities like Neil deGrasse Tyson and pseudo-science websites, my judgment says that info is also “bad meat” and I’m gonna trust my nose and steer clear.

    I want to compliment you for the polite way in which you slowly lay each brick around yourself in your message. Some people would shout, but you slowly and in a friendly way tell people that death will cure them, and that you feel bad for them, and that you know the right answers they have missed. When you are finished, you have a complete wall constructed around yourself, and it prevents any chance of other information or viewpoints reaching you. My view is that you have a right to do that, although for me it would feel claustrophobic.

    Since you will not be replying, I appreciate you giving me the last word between our two way interaction. My conclusion here remains that global warming is a false political pressure movement. As I see people referring to celebrity experts, and “all the scientists” who support it, I see even more how every day people support global warming by appealing to authority more than by appealing to logic.

    I wish you well, dear soul. Have a very great day and a successful 2017.

  2. Old UNIX Guy

    Let me begin by apologizing to “daemon” … you launched an “ad hominem” attack on me and I responded unkindly. That was wrong of me and I hope that you will accept my apology.

    And, to be clear – I am not a professional scientist myself. As my moniker indicates, I’m just an old computer geek … but I do work with hundreds of professional scientists on a daily basis (and can therefore assure you that they’re NOT promoting this “global warming myth” for the money!!!).

    jackadoodle … my point is not that “everybody believes” in anthropogenic climate change as that is clearly not true … my point is that the overwhelming scientific literature published in mainstream scientific journals has: 1) proven that there is one and only one explanation that fits the evidence (it’s us), and 2) debunked *all* of the natural explanations that have been put forth.

    Now, you can believe that or not believe that as you wish, but as the quote from Neil deGrasse Tyson that I began all of this with says, “Science doesn’t care whether you believe in it or not.”

    My point about the Koch Brothers is this … they have funded climate denialism for years to the tune of 10’s or 100’s of millions of dollars … with the same playbook that the tobacco industry used to deny that cigarettes were harmful (there’s even a book about that – “Merchants of Doubt”). Since they are willing to give big bucks to promote theories they know are factually incorrect, how much money do you think a scientifically valid natural explanation for climate change would be worth to them?!?

    I’d also like to point out something about myself … a long time ago I was a climate skeptic. Part of the reason why I was was that this was Al Gore’s issue and I didn’t like Al Gore (as an aside, I still do have mixed feelings about him … on the one hand, he’s written one of the best books I’ve ever read in my entire life – “The Assault on Reason” … on the other hand, I have trouble having any respect for a man who cheats on his wife). But you know, my feelings about Al Gore don’t change what is and isn’t scientific fact.

    There are people in this world who will never change their opinions on anything. They are literally mentally incapable of distinguishing the difference between what they believe and what is fact. I know this partly because my father-in-law was one of those people. The current POTUS is another. If you’re one of those people … well, I feel sorry for those who have to associate with you, as the only thing that will “cure” you is your death, unfortunately.

    However, if you – like me – are willing to take an open and honest look at this issue … then I encourage you to do so. A great website is … they explain the science … they debunk the myths of the deniers (on their main page they even have a “Most used climate myths” chart.

    And if you do read websites which promote climate change denialism, I encourage you to follow the money … i.e. see who is behind the website and where their funding comes from. In almost every case you will learn that the money ultimately comes from the fossil fuel industry. Do the same for sites like, too … they’ve got nothing to hide!

    I have no intentions of responding in the comments again on this issue, so if you want to post debunked theories or attack me personally, go ahead. I’ve made my case and I’m very willing to let it stand. I can’t go without another aside, however … to those who mocked Al Gore for his physical appearance – shame on you. That is something that our current POTUS does … if you want to be like him in any way, shape, or form, then I would humbly beg you to do some introspection on what kind of person you are and want to be.

    To all of you – even those who disagree with me on this issue – I thank you for considering my comments. Please take them in the spirit intended.

    Good bye…

    Old UNIX Guy

  3. jackadoodle

    Nah Old Unix Guy, shouting about the Koch brothers doesn’t cut the mustard. Neither does claiming “everybody believes” the myth of global warming. A truly scientific mindset doesn’t care what “everybody believes.” Back in 1930’s Germany there was a lot of junk racial science that was taught in schools. And you can easily find ads on Google with doctors recommending the “healthiest cigarettes.”

    I’m interested in actual science, not entertainers like Bill Nye and Al Gore.

  4. Old UNIX Guy

    daemon – yes, they have, no matter what you say. It’s easy to post comments claiming anything you want. Go publish your research on these so-called natural explanations for climate change in a peer-reviewed journal. Go to the Koch Brothers with your “findings”. What? You haven’t done either? Why not? Put up or shut up…

    Old UNIX Guy

  5. jackadoodle

    Meanwhile you can easily Google search for the ABC News Story about Al Gore’s $3k per month utility bill to run his heated pools, etc. which are heated with natural gas and fossil fuel electric. I also saw a story about his giant diesel houseboat and his jet. It’s a scam.

    In the business world, if you want to make a sale, you need to provide facts and figures to justify the expense. Same with government. Global warming justifies increased regulation on businesses, higher taxes on business, and more government control of our lives. The Democrats like doing those things even without global warming. But WITH global warming, they can claim to have an urgent mandate. Climate change (as a political and pseudo science issue) is a total fake scam.

  6. daemon

    Sorry, but no, all of those have been ruled out.

    No, they haven’t. It’s pseudoscientists like yourself who know nothing about climate research that go around spouting off about how those have been discounted!

    The sun does go thru cycles, but right now we should be cooling.

    Oh wow, you heard about the sunspot cycle and you suddenly think that’s all there is to the power output of the sun! Hey guess what a main sequence star is and what happens as it ages! Hint, the sun is a main sequence star!

    wow! We are causing the glaciers to shrink by our burning of fossil fuels.

    The glaciers were shrinking long before humans ever burned fossil fuels. The most that anyone can claim that fossil fuels have impacted our planet is the ability for grapes to grow in England. Per Bill Nye the science guy.

  7. Old UNIX Guy


    Sorry, but no, all of those have been ruled out.

    The sun does go thru cycles, but right now we should be cooling.

    The amount of particulates in the air hasn’t changed much for hundreds (thousands?) of years other than when we have had volcanic eruptions (and large ones can cool the planet). So no, that’s not it either.

    The biome isn’t growing – it’s shrinking. We’re causing the 6th major mass extinction in the history of the earth.

    And that last one – wow! We are causing the glaciers to shrink by our burning of fossil fuels.

    Again – let me emphasize this very strongly – if you think you can explain the warming we’re seeing via natural causes … I wouldn’t post a reply here! I’d go straight to the Koch Brothers. They WILL be willing to pay $$$$$$$$$$$$ for any explanation that can stand up to scientific review…

    Oh, but there is one other problem you’d have to deal with … we do have an explanation for the warming that PERFECTLY matches the data … and that’s our burning off fossil fuels. 😉

    Old UNIX Guy

  8. daemon

    2. Is the warming primarily natural (as Sarah believes) or primarily human induced?

    We don’t know.

    name the natural cause(s)?

    The sun. The sun has been producing more energy than it has ever produced in the past and in particular is in an exceptionally active phase for the last decade.

    Lack of particulates in the air, large scale volcanoes eruptions are near to unheard of, when one small volcano does erupt it becomes 24-7 news coverage. Also we haven’t had a meteor impact of any size that’s thrown dust into the atmosphere blocking out sunlight.

    Growth of the biome allowing for more plants and animals to live than ever before, increasing methane in the air, a much greater source of global warming than CO2 and water vapor.

    Shrinking of glaciers, reducing the reflectivity of the planet, allowing for more energy to nge absorbed.

  9. Lee Dronick

    “Coincidentally, my wife and I watched “An Inconvenient Truth” for the first time this past weekend. One of the things that did stick out to me was how many of the predictions Al Gore made back in 2006 were wrong … things are actually much worse now than he predicted!”

    He has a new documentary on the subject coming out this summer

  10. Old UNIX Guy

    “Science doesn’t care whether you believe in it or not.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

    All credible evidence shows the planet is warming rapidly and human activity is primarily to blame. 2014 was the hottest year on record … until 2015 … which lost out to 2016 … and 2017 is on pace to set a new record. Those are the real facts – not “alternative facts” (i.e. lies).

    Now if you get your information from places like Brietbart then heaven help you (and the rest of us if you vote).

    If you don’t believe in anthropogenic climate change, then I’ve got 3 questions for you:

    1. Is the planet warming? We’ve answered that one already – yes, it is. Even the Sarah Palin’s of the world acknowledge that at this point.

    2. Is the warming primarily natural (as Sarah believes) or primarily human induced?

    3. If you believe it’s natural – name the natural cause(s)? Bottom line – you can’t because there are no natural explanation(s) for what is going on. Does anyone doubt that the Koch Brothers would pay millions and millions to anyone who could prove otherwise. There is only one thing that explains what is happening to the one and only planet we have to live on … our burning of fossil fuels is heating up the planet to dangerous levels.

    Coincidentally, my wife and I watched “An Inconvenient Truth” for the first time this past weekend. One of the things that did stick out to me was how many of the predictions Al Gore made back in 2006 were wrong … things are actually much worse now than he predicted!

    Old UNIX Guy

  11. Hammer

    the Gore photo make me almost lose my breakfast…what a liar, can we keep the information technical on the site and stay away from politics??? And Pelosi was there too? No credibility whatsoever.

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