A List of Apps and Tools to Enhance iOS

On Github there’s a big list of apps and tools to enhance iOS. The author writes the philosophy behind it:

For me, an iPhone is essentially a consumption and communication device. Everything I can do on the phone, I can do faster and better on my MacBook. Thus I find it is very valuable to give each of these devices a well defined purpose and use them appropriately.

I use my phone when I am not using my computer. I use it to read books, make photographs, quickly edit them, check tasks I have set out to do, listen to podcasts, music, audio books, read Wikipedia, answer messages on Slack, Telegram, write quick notes and memos, search the internet and read my mail.

There are plenty of categories to explore, from Productivity to Automation. If you’re on the look out for a great app to add to iOS, check out this helpful list. The author also has a similar list for macOS called My Wonderful World of macOS.

Check It Out: A List of Apps and Tools to Enhance iOS

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