I both love and am terrified by the astounding work BostonDynamics is doing with its future masters-of-us-all. The company has a new video our showing its Atlas robot on a parkour outing, something they will no doubt find useful when they turn on us at some point in the not-too-distant future. OK, I mostly kid, but seriously: watching this video is both amazing and weirdly creepy (and scary). The way Atlas uses its arms to balance and help lift itself…it’s so human-like. BostonDynamics, by the by, is the company that makes dogbots that can open doors, another ability they will no doubt find useful.

Check It Out: BostonDynamics’s Atlas Robot Can Now Use Parkour Tactics (to Hunt Us Down)

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  1. furbies

    The 3 Laws. The 3 Laws. The 3 Laws. The 3 Laws. The 3 Laws. The 3 Laws !

    Please tell me that they’re going to embed The 3 Laws into the core programming ?

  2. eolake

    I agree. This along with potential real AI is both exciting and very scary. I didn’t really think I’d see Asimov type robots in our lifetime, but if I live past eighty, god forbid, I really don’t know…

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