Camera+ 2 Adds AI-Powered Monuments Mode

Camera+ 2 Adds AI-Powered Monuments Mode

Monuments Mode is a new camera mode for Camera+ 2 to help photographers take great photos. The team says: “The basic idea was: what if we grab a bunch of high-resolution video frames from the camera feed, perfectly align them on top of each other, and then somehow select the best parts without the moving distractions.” The mode is designed to remove objects in motion that get in the way of a minimal shot, like taking a photo of a building with people walking by. App Store Link

Check It Out: Camera+ 2 Adds AI-Powered Monuments Mode

2 thoughts on “Camera+ 2 Adds AI-Powered Monuments Mode

    1. I’ve been quite happy with it, and it has replaced the stock Camera app for me, except for when a Pano or video might be desired. It won’t do those, but will do Macro shots, which I use often.

      It’s a nice balance between the stock app, and ProCamera, which is probably a little more hardcore.

      Best of all, no IAP, no subscriptions, and includes feature enhancements like the one in this story.. Pay once until a major new version is released. Hopefully, that won’t change.

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