Blending colors on your computer typically doesn’t give the results you expect, meaning where they overlap ends up being some weird dark color. That’s because most apps take shortcuts with the math. MinutePhysics put together an awesome video explaining exactly what’s happening and why—and it’s totally worth watching. The downside is now all of the blur effects that are done wrong will really stand out. You’re welcome.

Check It Out: Here’s Why Computers Screw Up Color Blending

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  1. Scott B in DC

    It makes so much sense. Since processor speed and throughput has surpassed many of the problems that these tradeoffs were designed to solve, wouldn’t it be better to get rid of the tradeoffs?

  2. geoduck

    That was fascinating. Not a heck of a lot I can do about it with the tools I use, but it is interesting to know why it does this.

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