‘Dual Band System’ Let’s You Hide Your Apple Watch

Check out the “The Dual Band System” from Sinn (via The Next Web), and it’s a way of having your mechanical watch cake while eating like a poser, too. With this $210 strap ($120 when purchased with a Sinn watch), you can wear your mechanical watch on top of your wrist. But hidden underneath your wrist is your Apple Watch, all on the down low. Listen, I love a mechanical watch as much as the next horological wingnut. And I’ll be honest, I am often torn on whether to wear my Zenith timepiece or my Apple Watch. But this, dear folks, is not the solution. Be that as it may, I wanted to share. 😂

Check It Out: ‘Dual Band System’ Let’s You Hide Your Apple Watch

6 thoughts on “‘Dual Band System’ Let’s You Hide Your Apple Watch

  • Well, I give them kudos for the incredibly awesome music in the video. Lol. So majestic.

    My plan is still to wear my father’s Rolex on right wrist in remembrance of him and a Gen 2 Watch with Milanese band on left wrist facing ‘down’ I.e. Inside of wrist later this year. Furbies, from what I have researched, Watch does work on inside of wrist. Goal is to look like I’m wearing a gold watch on one wrist and a Milanese bracelet on the other, yet still have access to Watch capability. Plus, to me, it seems more natural to rotate wrist up for less noticeable Watch access than down, which tends to make you raise your elbow a bit. Will see in a few months.

  • This looks version 1.0. Not for me (or most, I’ll bet). And secondly, VERY few want or NEED two watches. I’ve worn one for forty years and the only replacement might be the next Apple watch.

  • For those of us that already don’t like wearing a watch, this is definitely not going to help. :/ Does everyone in Silicon Valley live in a cave? A person could be forgiven for thinking so. . . .

  • Thoughts:
    Yeah…uh… No.
    Man that’s a lot of buckles.
    Might be OK if you want that much bulk and mass on your wrist.
    Hey, they found a watch that makes the AppleWatch look small.

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