Finding Clippy

Finding Clippy

I have two little nuggets for you. The first is that Microsoft has an undersea data center its experimenting with called Project Natick. The second is that they now have a webcam—two webcams, actually—for you to get a gander at the operation, as well as all the oceanic wildlife also checking it out. How they don’t call those cams Finding Clippy is beyond me, so I just took care of it for them. UR WELCOME. In any event, this whole thing is a giant experiment to see if Microsoft can save money by using the chilly ocean waters off the coast of Scotland to cool a data center. And yeah, my kneejerk reaction is that this will help heat the oceans, and don’t we want to avoid that? Plus, you know, the law of unintended consequences, but whatevs. They didn’t ask me, and they do have proper scientists working on this, so maybe it’s just an awesome idea. It’s certainly outside the box thinking. I found this, BTW, from a piece on The Verge that is full of cheezeball puns that had me snorting out loud in my office.

Check It Out: Finding Clippy

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